Oldstonehenge Development Corporation

Oldstonehenge Development Corporation (“Oldstonehenge”) is a privately owned Real Estate Development company.

Founded in 2009 by Michael Dobrijevic, Oldstonehenge originally set out on creating mixed-use developments with a primary focus in the commercial asset class to create a vehicle to expand his broad network of retail development expertise, by providing national retailers with prominent locations in Toronto’s urban downtown core.

As Oldstonehenge has evolved over the years, they now offer a unique diversified approach and is willing to take advantage of opportunities with various asset classes, including; rental apartments, luxury condominiums and hotels as well as the traditional commercial, office and retail developments. 

Although Oldstonehenge is determined to continue to deliver prominent locations for retail tenants, its new focus is to deliver a new type of mixed-use boutique opportunities where all can play, work and live in Toronto’s most vibrant communities.

Recent projects

433-435 Parliament Street

This was a redevelopment project in the historic Cabbagetown neighbourhood. They acquired this historical building and decided to celebrate its past by keeping its traditional Victorian facade. The interiors, however, were updated to embody the essence of modern day living. The outdated rental apartment units in his development were upgraded to include new hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. This redevelopment was completed in 2011.

549 College Street

This is a 4,500 square foot purpose built development for the LCBO. This downtown address was in dire need for additional retail, which is exactly what this project was able to deliver. It is located in an ideal urban location surrounded by condos, cafes, and clubs. It also has excellent transit in the form of streetcar lines that run down College Street. This development was completed in 2010.

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