Pemberton Group

Pemberton Group has built its reputation for creating successful residential and commercial developments of uncompromising quality throughout the Greater Toronto Area over decades. A Pemberton condominium rises above the rest because of the dedication, talent and leadership of the team behind it. Their residents benefit from design expertise and superb craftsmanship, and are surrounded by desirable features and truly exceptional amenities.

Pemberton has built a solid reputation for excellence with over 12,000 units completed and 6,000 units currently under construction. Pemberton is one of the largest residential condominium developers in the Greater Toronto Area, and often ranked among the top high-rise condo developer.

They strive to make their home buying experience better than you ever imagined. Their relationship is one built on integrity and trust. We guide you through every step of the process, offering exceptional customer care and ensuring your satisfaction.

Also, they believe quality is the highest form of value. So they never compromise on craftsmanship. From choosing the finest building materials to offering a wealth of amenities, they design every community to reflect a higher quality of living.

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