Vip condos toronto . The price of the apartment fell

Vip condos toronto . The price of the apartment fell. Home sales in Toronto rose 24.3% in November from a year earlier.

Bethany King (Bethany King), a Pierre-based broker, said November created a sense of urgency in the Toronto real estate market, where people in COVID-19 bought and sold houses for a completely different reason than they did before the pandemic.

King, team leader of Century 21, said that as schools reopened in January and many children and parents returned to distance learning homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers were willing to increase their budget to find a more spacious home for the new year. Millennium Inc. Agent.

“the great attraction that happens in the city is everything that happens in the city: festivals, nightlife, parties and parties. But now it’s all gone. ” Kim said. “A lot of people don’t see the value of living in a place with less square feet.”

As delaying mortgage maturities are coming to an end, lists of sellers facing lingering unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have sprung up.

“this is a mixing pot. With regard to new listings, I do believe that our new listings are driven by the need for capital, “Jin said.”

“but in any case, our inventory is still very low. In our suburbs, we still see bidding wars. This is highly competitive, and the standby time of our property will not be too long. “

King’s comments reflect new data from the Toronto area real estate board, which shows that home sales in the greater Toronto area rose 24.3% in November compared with the same period last year, as demand for single-family homes continued to soar ahead of apartments.

The board said on Thursday that 8766 homes were sold in the month, up from 7054 in November 2019. The average price was $955615, up 13.3% from $843307 in the same period last year.

Lisa Patel (Lisa Patel), chairman of the board, said buyers continued to take advantage of very low borrowing costs in November, especially those who wanted to buy some form of single-family home.

The average price of detached homes rose to $1202281, up 15.2 per cent from November 2019, but the average price of apartments fell 2 per cent to $605863.

Compared with November 2019, the average price in the suburbs also rose faster than in the core of the city, with prices of detached houses rising by 19.2%, townhouses by 14.9% and apartment prices by 4.8%.

In the city center, the price of detached houses rose 8.7%, the price of townhouses rose 7.3%, and the price of apartments fell 3% from November 2019.

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