The boulevard condo thornhill . A new multi-storey apartment community is stepping up construction

The boulevard condo thornhill . A new multi-storey apartment community is stepping up construction. A very worthwhile investment project.Please Visit: The boulevard condo thornhill to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Located on the west side of Bathurst Street (Bathurst Street) on (Beverley Glen Boulevard), Beverly Glenn Avenue, it is located a few blocks north of (Promenade Mall), the (Thornhill) waterfront promenade in Thornhill. As Daniels'(Daniels Corporation) and Baif Developments projects enter an early stage, construction activities are now under way at the Thornhill (Thornhill) site. Since construction began in mid-2020, support and excavation activities have been ready for the building designed by Kirkor Architects, which will be between 6 and 25 stories high. Recently, the site has passed an important construction milestone.

The concrete foundation pit is installed in the northeast corner of the bottom of the excavation foundation pit (representing the first concrete forming in the foundation pit), and then a tower crane is assembled in this location in mid-April. Now, it is promoting the formation of foundation and underground parking spaces and will be used to build the tallest 25-story tower of the complex, which will eventually reach the height of 81.68 meters of Bathurst Street.

Although the crane was built specifically for the project’s first phase tower of the same name, the entire site has been excavated, including the 15-story second phase “Beverley” (still on sale) and the third phase of the building, which is now under way. This final phase, called “Boulevard”, will bring the 6-and 12-story buildings to the western end of the site.

The first phase will bring 313 one-bedroom or three-bedroom suites to the site. Residents will enjoy a range of HOK-only facilities, including stadiums, banquet halls and fitness centers, as well as outdoor spaces such as terraces and urban gardening grounds. Beverly (Beverley) will add another 207units in the south, while the third phase of the boulevard (Boulevard) will add another 257units. The new commercial retail stores of more than 6000 square feet will face Bathurst Street on the ground floor of the complex.

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