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Lunch and learning activities are an important sales strategy for the life planning community being built on the campus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando, with an average of 25 potential clients per session. But as Covid-19 upgraded in mid-March, older people began to cancel their RSVP.

On March 20th, Alvarado-Plank ‘s team moved to a telecommuting environment and focused on current depositors over the phone, email and videoconferencing. Swift action brought immediate benefits. Legacy Pointe closed a deal in April and believes her team will be able to get five more deals by the end of the month.

“when we saw that everyone was canceling and the reason was the same (due to Covid-19), we realized that we would be able to adjust,” she told Advanced Housing News.

Senior housing sales and marketing teams across the country are turning to virtual travel and using technology to continue to connect with references and consider moving to premium housing during the coronavirus pandemic, develop clues that can be translated into in-person travel and cancel orders to stay at home, and reopen buildings to non-essential personnel. Some teams have also moved to remote working environments, while others are still working on site and are assisting front-line employees in providing meals and supplies to residents limited to their apartments.

In other words, forward-looking sales and marketing teams have met the challenges of Covid-19, as industry expert Traci Bild predicted to SHN last month. Leaders with some of the largest providers of advanced life services in North America, such as Revera in Missouri, Ontario, believe their sales experts are showing off their talents in the current crisis.

“it does enable our sales consultants to connect with potential customers in a creative way and get to know them at an intimate level,” Revera CEO Thomas Worner (Thomas Wellner) said of Healthcare in a recent phone call from the Advanced Life Covid-19 working Group organized by Lincoln.

In spite of this, they still cut their work for them. According to a survey conducted by the National Senior Citizen Investment Center from April 13 to April 19, moving in continues due to Covid-19 concerns, with suppliers citing a slowdown in potential customer conversion / sales as the most common reason. Housing and Nursing (NIC).

However, other data show that entry counselling is still flowing to the elderly and that a larger proportion of potential residents have urgent needs. As a result, although the sales team works differently than usual and may not be able to reach normal levels, their efforts are still critical to stopping the occupancy loss caused by Covid-19.

Cassie Tweten, senior vice president of sales at Arrow, told SHN, that despite the serious decline in the number of face-to-face visitors, the sales and marketing team that immediately adapted to the current reality was sending a message of openness to its community.

Arrow, based in St. Charles, Missouri, handed over all personnel in its 22 communities to non-essential personnel by March 12, and the following week, the number of new queries plummeted 47 per cent.

However, before Covid-19, operators had already provided virtual trips to potential customers and families from other places, and extended their services to local potential customers and their families.

In addition, some Arrow communities have implemented “window tours” for families to view model houses and key public areas from the outside.

Rose Pietras, vice president of sales and marketing, gave, Watercrest Senior Living a virtual tour on March 16 before protecting his community. Headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida, Watercrest has 14 communities in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia.

In addition, Watercrest has implemented email and telephone invitations in new marketing campaigns and follow-up, accessing the community in a virtual manner and providing links to community websites where possible.

“our virtual trip can not only provide detailed visual effects about the community, but also enhance the images that sales consultants have drawn during the conversation,” she said. “

Revera’s team is contacting existing residents to see if they have any solitary friends who might need support. For those people, Revera has started making snacks, soups or other nutritious “porch drops”. Then, for those who are tech-savvy and interested, the provider will follow up on virtual travel.

Legacy Pointe’s sales and marketing team was able to set up and test its office phone system to ensure that it works properly in a remote work environment. The team also adapted an email platform, BombBomb, which allows salespeople to record customizable videos and add them to email, text and social media channels, adding a degree of personalization to virtual interactions, Alvarado-Plank told SHN.

April Morin, director of sales and marketing at Fleet Landing, told SHN, that virtual travel has always focused on the fast learning curve of sales teams that were previously reluctant to accept technology. Headquartered in Atlantic Beach, Florida, Fleet Landing is a continuous care retirement community.

Fleet landing companies use virtual trips to continue their sales journeys of potential customers, as well as virtual coffee meetings and one-on-one video chats. This allows Morin’s team to share screens, talk to potential customers through virtual tours, and provide advice within the community.

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