Centrecourt developments . How to choose HOUSE uncompleted buildings

Centrecourt developments . How to choose HOUSE uncompleted buildings. It seems simple to buy uncompleted flats in a new house, but in fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it.

Choose what kind of apartment type is better to sell in the future, if it is an investment house, it is necessary to understand the housing rental market in this area, and so on. If an experienced real estate agent is chosen to help, the buyer will get twice the result with half the effort, save a lot of time and take a lot of detours.

Whether you buy a house or an investment house, the location is always the most important consideration for buying a house. According to your personal needs, do you choose convenient transportation, convenient life, or a famous school in a famous district? To be familiar with the geographical location of this building, you should have a good understanding of the situation of the community and real estate transactions, and know whether the price of the uncompleted property you want to buy is compared with the price of the second-hand house on the market, whether its performance-to-price ratio is good or not, and how great is the appreciation potential. Self-housing should pay more attention to the choice of the community, consider whether there is much room for the appreciation of the house in the future, and the investment housing should focus on the convenience of transportation, life, school, etc., especially those close to the subway, bus and Go railway station should be given priority, and the investment in the school district housing near the school is also very popular, because of the demand of students, the house is easy to rent.

The size of LOT is: Frontage width x Deepth depth. The value of a house is often calculated on the basis of the width of the building. Usually a reasonable width-depth ratio is better from 1:2 to 100. for example, 50x100ft is a relatively standard area of independent double garages. if three garages are to be built, the width should be more than 60 feet. The size of the area is reasonable and square, so that the architectural graphic design can be reasonably and well used. Similarly, the aspect ratio of the room is also better at about 1:2, suitable for furniture. Some apartments are narrow and long, although the construction area seems to be not small, in fact, many rooms are narrow and black, because the window area is very small, even in the side window, the lighting is poor.

Chinese people prefer houses facing north and south, that is, the entrance garage faces north, the main room and backyard face south, the lighting and ventilation is very good, the house looks spacious and bright, and the house facing east and west. In the morning and afternoon, the sun shines into the room. Many foreigners prefer houses facing east and west. In addition, many people also consider the problem of fengshui. Many houses are not strictly due to the south and north, and do not blindly pursue the north to the south, some of the houses with a little bit of direction are also very good, and the lighting is more uniform.

Where possible, of course, double doors are better. Not only the appearance is beautiful and atmospheric, the entrance makes people feel spacious and bright, but also conducive to the handling of furniture, not only beautiful but also practical.

If there are children at home who want to go to school, it is good to be close to the school, and if it is used for rent, being close to the school is also an advantage, but if you want the environment to be quieter, it is better to be some distance from the school.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to buy Corner Lot, from the builder Builder, because the corner room has to consider two facades facing the street, usually with more windows, more changes in shape, more expensive external wall materials, and more complex graphic design, so the cost is relatively high, and the house price is naturally more expensive. But in the second-hand housing business is different, some corner houses in the road intersection, more noisy, due to the larger area of the grass, grass-cutting work increased a lot; in addition, the corner room privacy is poor, some people do not like, the selling price may be lower than the inner street house. But some corner rooms, covering a large area, stylish appearance, good lighting. The internal structure is good, in the corner of the path, relatively quiet, is also very popular. The selling price will be higher than the house on the inner street.

For a new house without a sidewalk, two cars can usually be parked before and after the door, and few people walk in front of the door, which will be quieter and safer. But some families have children to go to school, like the sidewalk in front of the door, it is safer and more convenient to go to and from school.

Many people do not like to have a fire hydrant in front of the door because it is inconvenient to park in front of the door, but a house with a fire hydrant in front of the door may be cheaper in terms of housing insurance.

Most new houses now have a height of 9 Feet, on the first floor and 8 Feet on the second floor. Some buyers want to raise the second floor and basement, which is also good if the builder agrees. Heightening the bottom of the building will make the space more spacious and atmospheric, and the floor height is not high enough, which will make people feel depressed. The floor height is proportional to the space, and the larger the area should be matched with the corresponding floor height. This is why some houses, after entering the door, there is a hollow space, the upper and lower floors of the space to open up, through the atmosphere, especially in luxury houses, it is bound to design an entrance hollow hall. Kitchen, dining room, study, master bedroom and other important spaces are also partially increased to increase the sense of space.

It is often asked whether the height of the basement needs to be increased. If you want to decorate the basement, it is best to increase the height of the floor. Because the ventilation equipment occupies a certain space, the height of the floor is lower after decoration, which is very depressing. If you can increase the height of the floor, the effect after decoration will be very different. It is more comfortable to use and easier to sell in the future.

Now many new houses, set up the laundry on the second floor, the advantage is that washing and drying clothes are very convenient, there is no need to run up and down the stairs. If the laundry room is located on the first floor, it is more convenient to clean the kitchen, and the second floor is quieter. Some houses also set the laundry room in the basement, which can save space upstairs. It can be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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