Artform condos.The luxury property project on the West side subway line is close to UBC

Artform condos.The luxury property project on the West side subway line is close to UBC. The residence is located in a quiet area, equipped with convenient transportation facilities, and has a green landscape. the price of the property must be astronomical.Please Visit: Artform condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

The truth is not inevitable. Vancouver West District A-level lot recently launched two uncompleted projects, belonging to the first local school network, walking directly to the Skycar subway station, close to Queen Elizabeth Park or Winona Park, set quiet, convenient, green in a plate, large-scale community recreation and sports center is also close at hand, 10 minutes to UBC University and 7 minutes to Oakridge Mall, only more than half a million Canadian dollars, it is the most cost-effective uncompleted project in the West District. It is sold exclusively by Congrong International in Hong Kong. The exclusive subscription exhibition and sale this weekend will also offer excellent sitting units, that is, buy as you choose, with a lot of discounts.

The biggest buying point for the two projects is the location. The first project is located in the most prestigious location on the West side of Vancouver, near the junction of 35th Street and Cambie Gamby Street, next to Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver’s famous City Garden, Canada’s first private botanical garden and a good place for photography enthusiasts to take pictures of 130mu of land (equivalent to nearly 100football fields). The park includes a wide range of tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball courts, 18-hole golf courses, covered footpaths, dancing fountains, tropical rainforest greenhouse (Bloedel Floral Conservatory), and large community recreation and sports centres with swimming and various sports facilities. All within a 5-minute walk from the project, like a large garden in the backyard of a luxury project. The second project is adjacent to 63rd Street and Cambie Inner Street, adjacent to Winona Park Park.

Located at the top of the campus network, it takes ten minutes to reach UBC University, the largest international college in Vancouver, with a total of about 80000 teachers and students. There are also many famous private schools in the district. According to the Institute’s 2016 / 2019 report, York House Private College, Crofton House Private College for Women, Little Flower Private College for Women, St. George’s Private College for Men and Corpus Christi Post Secondary College in Wensi all ranked first in Vancouver. There are also many public schools living in Wenxi., Lord Byng and Sir Winston Churchill,Eric Hamber Secondary Public Middle School are also among the top secondary schools in Vancouver. The West side of Vancouver is the first school lot on the west coast of Canada.

The transportation in the luxury area on the west side of Vancouver is very convenient. Project 1 is a 2-minute walk to the future new 33rd street subway station, 9 minutes from the subway station to Vancouver Downtown, 9 minutes to Richmond and 10 minutes to the airport. There is also a direct bus service to other cities in the district, which takes 10 minutes to get to (UBC) BC Columbia University. The second project, which is adjacent to the Marine Gateway subway station, is a luxury project extending in all directions.

7 minutes to Oakridge Centre Premium Shopping Mall, the mall is now under renovation, with a Canadian dollar $5 billion expansion, is a grand project, a number of international high-end brands and high-end restaurants, as well as a commercial center, will create more than 3000 jobs. For example, Apple Store will also open the largest Apple flagship store in Vancouver in the expanding Oakridge mall. It is about to become the second city center of Vancouver.

The luxury property project on the West side of Vancouver is 5 minutes from the Marine Gateway Mall, which includes Tonghua supermarket, Huangyan Seafood Restaurant, multiple restaurants, banks, pharmacies, large fitness center, Cineplex Theater, Coffee Shop, Dental and Ophthalmology Clinic and more.

Project 1 is located in the 130mu large Queen Elizabeth Park Queen Elizabeth Park, can be said to be a rare project in a decade, the indoor materials of the unit are superior, some rare units can even view the view of QE Park, equipped with five-star materials, including quartz cabinets, advanced Italian brand kitchen cabinets, send top brand Miele or Gaggenau household appliances, solid wood flooring and floor heating system, all units have central heating and air conditioning system and extra-large balcony. The top floor Penthouse characteristic unit also gives a rooftop, the unit has a staircase straight up to the rooftop. Concrete (concrete) building, a total of 81 units, is a low-density luxury area, can send parking spaces and storage rooms, provide 2 to 10-year maintenance, only sell more than C $500,000, give an exclusive discount. Kang Rong International Hong Kong exclusive agent burial priority sale, the most beautiful units in hand to buy, to ensure that the price is the same as Canada, more discount.

Project 2 is located next to Winona Park Park, the famous school network can be admitted to Sir Winston Churchill public schools, near 63rd Street and Cambie Street, walk to the subway station, enjoy quiet and prosperous scenery, luxurious materials, smart home, using Bosch built-in home appliances, providing central heating and air conditioning system and extra-large terrace. Huxing from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units, all unit parking spaces provide maintenance for up to 10 years.

The West side of Vancouver is a relatively young, multicultural and luxurious residential community, where noble Hong Kong people love to live. Many Hong Kong celebrities, professionals, tycoons or Hong Kong stars live in this area. Many well-known primary and secondary schools with high ranking, first-ranked private schools, golf courses, a large number of parks, YMCA and so on. The population is about 13000 and increases every year, while the Chinese account for 48.3%. This year, Vancouver has become one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world for 20 years in a row, and it is the warmest city in Canada, with mountains, sea birds, flowers and delicious food. Hong Kong people share the same voice and excellent teachers, so it is very suitable for emigration. Return or first invest in property to collect rent, and then study for your children later.

As Wenxi is close to the city center, many people will choose to live.

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