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Excluding currency and commodity uncertainties, Canada continues to rank fifth on the list of the best places to invest in the world. With the globalization of the economy, more and more people believe that the more active mergers and acquisitions in the market, the more beneficial to the Canadian economy.

According to the survey report, only 10% of Canadians interviewed last year thought the Canadian economy would improve, but this year the index of optimism about Canada’s economic prospects soared to 54%. The report also found that more and more Canadians expect market mergers and acquisitions to remain strong. Today, 62% of Chinese are actively looking for deals, up from 48% six months ago.

Doug Jenkinson, a partner in the firm’s trading advisory services, said Canada has been the best place to invest in the world for five years in a row, and more and more Canadians support mergers and acquisitions. Canadian, American and international investors are bullish on Canada and the global economy.

The survey report also points out a number of key points:

54% of Canadians believe the Canadian economy is improving.

53% of Canadians also believe that the global economy will also improve this year. Among them, 64% of the international respondents responded positively.

62% of Canadians are actively looking for acquisitions and mergers. 56% of international respondents.

The survey report also notes that many companies predict better business prospects and carry out innovative reforms, such as trying to reduce costs and speed up productivity. Doug Jenkinson said 40 per cent of Canadian respondents believed that seeking mergers and acquisitions was one of the ways to improve doing business. Acquiring small businesses is the key, so they can expand their business and fill the innovation gap.

He added that the strength of the Canadian economy depends on mergers and acquisitions in the market. By taking advantage of innovation, it is possible to maintain its edge and show the world that Canada is open to investment and growth.

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