upper west side condos oakville.The charm of sales of Fuxi apartment

upper west side condos oakville.The charm of sales of Fuxi apartment.Scott Thompson, a real estate agent, helped his clients buy the two bedroom apartment in 2014.

They had a full renovation, but decided to upgrade to a larger house. The Department initially listed for sale at $1.98 million, and an offer immediately emerged. But it failed. After falling to $1.78 million, another offer was accepted, but it failed. The third offer is made and the buyer plans to live there. The deal was completed on January 27“ I have too many shows and I’m a little lost, but there are about 50, “Mr Thompson said.

The 1045 square foot penthouse unit, two floors on the top floor, is located in the center of False Creek south, adjacent to the seawall and shopping area. The unit was built in 1986 and is one of the only 20 Suites in permanent property. It has 17 foot vaulted ceiling with skylights, plenty of natural light, white oak engineering floor, pot lights, quartz stone counters, updated kitchen and custom fireplace. There is also a spacious private roof terrace.

For apartments, it was a slow year, but largely because of the busy market for independent housing, Thompson said“ The market for single house really exceeds the apartment market, and the price of single house has risen sharply in some areas. The price of the apartment is much cheaper. “

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