New townhomes mississauga . Introduce Port Credit development

New townhomes mississauga . Introduce Port Credit development. Brighton water, a western credit partner, is the second phase of the Brighton water development project in the port credit city of Missouri, following the release of two composite towers and two commercial buildings last year.

The Blackwater town (Brightwater Towns) consists of 106 three-story townhouses with three to four bedrooms and areas ranging from 1900 to 2600 square feet. Prices start at 1.4 million dollars.

The broader Brightwater development will have 3145 new homes, including 150 comfortable housing. The 72-acre development will also have 18 acres of green space, including a 9-acre waterfront park, more than 300000 square feet of commercial space, a future primary school and a proposed community center.

As part of the first phase of Brightwater, two mixed-use towers and two commercial buildings were introduced last year.

Port Credit West rural partners include Kilmer Group, DiamondCorp,Dream Unlimited and FRAM + Slokker.

With the release of Brightwater Towns, we are honored to provide elegant life and design choices in the Port Credit community. Kentananbaum (Ken Tanenbaum), vice chairman of the Kelmer Group, Port Credit West Village Partners, said in a recent press release: “(Brightwater Towns) in Brighton Water Town respects the flavor of this wonderful community while bringing this wonderful community into the future.”

The architect of Brightwater Towns is Superk ü l, and the interior design is Truong Ly Design.

“inspired by the geographical location sought by Brightwater Towns Dream location, we hope to create a fascinating type of high altitude and suites that reflect the themes of coastal and modern life. We take a holistic approach to residence, combining eternal style with thoughtful, meaningful space to create a sense of awe. ” Said Andre D’Elia, owner and head of Superk ü l.

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