Leftbank condos. There will be a large-scale development near Wonderland in Wangshi!

Leftbank condos. There will be a large-scale development near Wonderland in Wangshi! Developer SmartCentres is planning to build six tall buildings west of Canada Wonderland, including four residential buildings (1268 units) and two apartments for the elderly. The project is expected to start in the second half of 2021.Please Visit: Leftbank condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

The exact location is the northeast corner of Weston Road/Mackenzie Drive. Nearby, there are Wal-Mart, SmartStop self-service warehousing and other projects are under construction.

Developer SmartCentres submitted a development plan in April this year, showing that in addition to two apartments and four residential buildings in the coming year, it also plans to build a large square in the southwest corner of Weston Road and Major Mackenzie.

It is expected that this autumn, Wangshi will hold a hearing to solicit public opinions and suggestions on the development plan.

Property prices in the Toronto area rose 17% year-on-year in June, and transaction volume increased by 28.47%. However, both property prices and transaction volume fell compared with May, reflecting the continued cooling of the prosperous property market. However, the Toronto Real Estate Bureau still raised its forecast of property prices and transaction volume for the whole year in 2021.

The Toronto real estate bureau said the average transaction price of properties recorded in most districts in June was 1089536 yuan, up 17 per cent from 931131 yuan in the same period in 2020, but 1.7 per cent lower than the 1108453 yuan recorded in May.

In terms of transaction volume, 11106 transactions were recorded in June, an increase of 28.47 per cent compared with 8645 in the same period in 2020, but also down 7 per cent from 11951 in May.

Data from the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 show that the Ontario property market will continue to cool, the property bureau said.

Jason Mercer, chief market analyst at the Real Estate Bureau, said that due to abnormal population growth, pent-up property demand has been increasingly met, so the record turnover has come to an end.

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