Vip toronto condos . The “super rental bully” sublet the house for 20 people

Vip toronto condos . The “super rental bully” sublet the house for 20 people. Several landlords in the Toronto area are looking for ways to evict the same tenant, who is suspected of renting these separate houses under a false name, then subletting them to 20 people and stopping paying rent to the owners.

Although the man faced a number of fraud charges, the existing legislation failed to enable him to move out, making these owners feel angry and helpless.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the tenant, Arif Adnan Syed, is suspected of using a false identity to rent a number of houses in Richmond Hill and Wanjin City. He is facing 11 charges related to fraud, which have not been convicted by the court. These allegations show that Sid sublet at least 11 houses illegally, but the current municipal regulations fail to help these owners evict him.

One of the owners, Mandana Jafarian, said that the police only followed up the fraud-related cases, but could not ask him to move out and continue to sublet the house to make money.

Even if the police and the municipal government think that Sid violates the law, he cannot drive out the tenants. Only the landlord-tenant dispute Adjudication Board (LTB) can do so. However, the landlord pointed out that the arbitrator refused or considered the evidence of the criminal offence or other cases relating to the tenant as it was not directly related to the expulsion order.

In an interview with the media, Jaafarian and his wife said they did not understand why there was no way to stop these illegal acts. They rented out a four-bedroom detached house at the height of the epidemic in April, reviewing documents submitted by each other and searching Google for personal matters about them. It was only later that he changed his name to Arif Saied, which made them fall into a trap.

Sid, a resident of Manjin, was charged with fraud in 2010. Toronto police said they smashed a moving company suspected of fraud and later dropped the charges. He also faces 38 charges from Ontario’s car sales regulator on suspicion of selling vehicles that return mileage and were charged last year pending a court hearing.

When Sid rented Jaffarian’s house for the first week, the couple received a call from their neighbor asking if the property was used for short-term rental. Later, when they found that several bedrooms were rented in Kijiji, they knew that the tenant was making a profit. Sid paid the rent for the first and last month, and the rest of the checks were bounced by the bank, but he sublet the house illegally, earning about 10000 yuan a month.

According to court documents, at least six owners, including Jaafarian and his wife, reported the case to the York District Police in June. The media confirmed that at least five owners tried to evict him after learning that Sid had illegally sublet the house. Jaafarian and his wife were lucky enough to apply to the landlord-tenant dispute Adjudication Board for the second time in July and finally made the tenant move out.

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