Festival condos . The 1250-foot basement in Toronto is asking 1.1 million

Festival condos . The 1250-foot basement in Toronto is asking 1.1 million. People living in Toronto usually try to do everything they can to avoid living in an apartment basement, unless it is your first student apartment, which is where you can only afford the rent. But if you really want to own your own property, you won’t choose to live in the basement.Please Visit: Festival condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

However, according to blogTO, the property converted from the cultural heritage church in Leslieville, Toronto, is sold for 1.1 million yuan in the market, or, more accurately, 1.09 million yuan.

The church-converted building is obviously cool (cool), and this must be humiliating most of the apartment vaults on the market, especially because it is mostly above ground level, with units stratified, half of the first floor underground and the finer main floor on the ground.

Its features include maintaining and repairing the church’s original chandelier, as well as exposed brick walls.

The two-bedroom, two-bath condo boasts more than 1200 square feet of living space.

It can be used as a comfortable home work device (work-from-home setup).

It has a huge walk-in closet and a new kitchen with a marble rear bezel (Marble blacksplash).

The apartment also has parking spaces, lockers and temperature-controlled wine cabinets (wine locker), serious and elegant and stylish!

Of course, the exterior building of this flat is very beautiful, but 1.1 million yuan still seems a bit expensive for this flat where most of the living area is not on the ground.

According to the Canadian condominium Association, there are 113000 condominium companies in the country. There has never been a major structural accident in an apartment building in Canada. Check regularly to find potential problems before they become a disaster. And almost all condominium buildings must set aside funds to cover future maintenance costs. None of these protective measures are mandatory in Florida.

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