Kylmore Angus Glen South Village . The former garage on the edge of Chapel Hill is scheduled for apartments and townhouses

Kylmore Angus Glen South Village. The former garage on the edge of Chapel Hill is scheduled for apartments and townhouses.Please Visit: Kylmore Angus Glen South Village to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

After years of deadlock over a commercial project on the edge of Chuchhill’s (Church Hill), Zack Frederick (Zac Frederick) changed ranks and sought to build a residential project for sale nearby.

Frederick (Frederick) ‘s crescent development company (Crescent Development) plans to have mixed apartments and townhouses at the former Duke Automotive Electrical and General repair Shop at E. Broad and 304N. 21th Street in 2018.

The existing Duke University building in the old city and historic district of Shawko Valley will be renovated into 10 apartments, one of which can be used as commercial space. The project will also add eight new townhouses facing 21st Street.

After buying half an acre of components for $925000 in 2017, Frederick (Frederick) envisioned a commercial project for the site, but it didn’t happen.

“the plan for the property has evolved since we bought it,” Frederick said. ” “because the first user we thought of didn’t pass, this is the next best choice. We are a little dominant and I am very excited about this project. “

The land is currently zoned as Mmur1 Light Industrial Zone, so Frederick (Frederick) is seeking a special use permit for the site to allow multiple uses. Lory Markham of Markham Planning participates in the SUP process on behalf of Frederick.

Along 21st Street, the townhouse will rise three stories and have its own garage. Frederick (Frederick) says the apartment will use ground-level parking. The project is designed by 510 Architects. Frederick says the general contractor has not yet been selected.

He said that if all goes well, he will seek a breakthrough in late 2021 or early 2022. The price range of these units has not yet been determined.

Crescent has worked with Spy Rock Real Estate several times and is busy in the city and other parts of Henrico. The two are working together in the Hardywood Anchorage, mixed-use project near the Diamond and Scott Museum, and in the 152-unit School Street apartment vertically to the north.

They are also in the early stages of a 580-family residential project on the early Henrico Plaza site, near the intersection of East Laburnum Avenue and Mechanicsville Turnpike.

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