Upper west side condos oakville . House prices continue to soar

Upper west side condos oakville . House prices continue to soar. Concerns about rising inflation were offset by rising optimism in the job market during the restart phase of the economy.Please Visit: Upper west side condos oakville to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Data released on June 29th showed that US consumer confidence hit a 16-month high in June, while house prices rose the most in more than 30 years in April. House prices in 20 u.s. cities jumped 14.9%, the biggest increase since 2005 and higher than the median expected by economists.

The consumer confidence index climbed to 127.3 in June from 120.0 in May, rewriting the highest level since February last year, according to a new survey by the US Economic Advisory Chamber on the 29th. The survey showed good demand for durable goods such as cars and household appliances, suggesting strong economic momentum at the end of the second quarter.

Klachkin, a US economist at the Oxford Institute for Economic Research, said that the rebound in employment and increased savings will boost consumer confidence and encourage consumers to spend at a very rapid pace in the summer.

“after consumers have been locked up at home for more than a year, there are still many things to be happy about,” he said. “

Consumers are also keen to buy homes, showing that sluggish supply will continue to fuel the rise in house prices. Nationwide, the s & p CoreLogic case-Schiller house price index rose 14.6% from a year earlier, the biggest increase since 1988 and the 11th month in a row that house prices accelerated.

The composite index of 20 cities rose 14.9% from a year earlier, up from 12.9% the previous month.

House prices in all 20 cities rose from last year, with the biggest increases in Phoenix (22.3%), San Diego (21.6%) and Seattle (20.2%). Chicago (up 9.9%) had the smallest increase.

“the performance in April was really excellent.” Craig J. Lazzara, head of global index investment strategy at Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones Index, said, “We thought that part of the strength of the U.S. real estate market was due to people’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic, as potential buyers shifted from urban apartments to suburban homes.

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