New condos richmond hill . The GTA apartment market will rebound

New condos richmond hill . The GTA apartment market will rebound. The pandemic has had a heavy impact on all of us.

Mitzy Dadoun has been engaged in real estate since 1985 and residential sales since 2013. When asked what had happened in the apartment market, she replied: “Core prices in the city center have fallen slightly, with the exception of Richmond Hill, Wanjin and other areas.” The core has risen. “

Overall, pre-construction apartment prices will start to rise again, both inside and outside the Greater Toronto area. “although the pandemic has caused a reduction to some extent, I expect a further increase in the number of apartments that have been built in the Greater Toronto area and even within the Greater Toronto area,” she said. “

The decline in demand is mainly due to a decline in immigration caused by COVID-19, but these figures are expected to rise again, leading to an increase in demand for apartments.

Dadoun talked about our current situation, because of safety factors, to display real estate, especially for the elderly, has always been a challenge. “for example, they find it scary to take an elevator with others.

. On the contrary, young new homeowners continue to experience the enthusiasm of the market. Fortunately, as the market for older persons will gradually begin to change, positive changes are expected. “

Mathur believes there is an opportunity to consolidate retirement home ownership in line with Spring Living’s responsibilities-which will remain its focus rather than development.

“the industry we are looking for seems to be fragmented. We are looking for opportunities. As people learn about Marlin Spring and Spring Living, and we have built this platform, and we have sufficient capital and want to move quickly, we hope that this channel will continue to grow. “

Since 2013, Marlin Spring has acquired more than 30 projects, including 9000 residential units, at various stages of development, construction, repositioning and completion in Canada and the United States. It has a residential area of more than 8 million square feet and is estimated to be worth more than $4.3 billion.

“I have deep relationships with operators, brokers and everyone in the business across the country,” Cormack said.

Spring Living will retain all current employees and managers in her new property, and Cormack has hired an executive leadership team with residential experience for the elderly to help her build the appropriate infrastructure to expand her portfolio.

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