Hunters crossing Toronto. The asking price for building a luxury house on the market is $45 million

Hunters crossing Toronto. The asking price for building a luxury house on the market is $45 million. A super luxury house under construction in Toronto is now listed at a price of 45 million yuan, making it the most expensive property for sale in many cities.

The mansion is located in the Bridle Path neighborhood where the rich gather. The address is 24 Park Lane.

According to the report, agent Barry Cohen said that the mansion covers an area of 3 acres, backed by valley woods, and has an area of 26000 square feet, plus the price of the land and the surrounding community, it is fully worth the sale price.

“this is a magnificent house,” Cohen said.

“it has a garage that can hold 15 cars and an indoor swimming pool.”

The mansion also has opposite spiral stairs, with master bedrooms on the main floor and the second floor, he said.

The whole house has nearly ten bedrooms and two kitchens.

Cohen said the property was currently in the “drywall prefabrication stage”, so any potential buyer still had time to customize it to his liking.

“if someone wants to customize it now, this will be the best opportunity,” he said. “

If the buyer intends to find a builder to complete the house, the mansion can be sold at a price of 25 million yuan.

It is reported that across the street from the mansion is the home of Toronto rapper Draker.

According to the inquiry of 51 net, the current owner of this luxury house is Chinese.

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average home price in Canada hit a new high of 716828 yuan in March, up 5.7 per cent from the previous month.

The largest year-on-year increases in house prices were still in small cities and rural areas of Ontario, followed by British Columbia, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Prices of detached houses rose the most as people continued to seek more space during the COVID-19 pandemic and believed they would work from home for a long time.

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