Park vista whitby prices . The Victorian detached house is loved by everyone

Park vista whitby prices . The Victorian detached house is loved by everyone. Some people say that GTA’s housing market has peaked, trading and prices will fall. But one or two people don’t have the final say in the market, even if you are a so-called expert. Not only are good houses in the Toronto area still in demand, but it is not uncommon for many buyers to compete for detached houses.

According to Daily Hive, a detached house on the east side of Toronto, built in 1895, is really called a century-old house, perhaps because of the Victorian independent house, which attracted 12 buyers, and finally raised the price to more than $628,000. it was taken by a boisterous buyer.

The address of this property is 190 First Avenue. If you enter the address in “51 looking for a house”, you will see that this is indeed an old house:

According to the information provided by “51 looking for a house”, the independent house was priced at $1, 699, 000, and finally sold for $2327021, with a premium of 36.96%:

Not only is the price 628000 higher than the asking price, but the independent house has been on the market in just six days:

Fatima Bregman, the seller’s broker, admitted that neither he nor the owner thought it would be a gratifying “surprise” that the house price would eventually be raised so high.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house was last sold in 2003, when it sold for 450000 yuan, she told Daily Hive.

This means that the value of the property has increased by nearly 2 million yuan in 18 years. However, the owners have also paid a lot in it.

“I think the owner took great pains to preserve the beautiful Victorian elements of the house,” the agent said. They have also invested time, energy and money in the house, so it is clear that it is no longer in the state it was bought in 2003. “

The emphasis on the Victorian element, she says, “is because Victorian houses usually attract more attention. Victorian houses are not only suitable for modern decoration, but also a perfect combination of 1895 traditional elements and modern aesthetics, so it is particularly attractive. “

Similarly, the Globe and Mail of Canada reported on July 27 that 11 buyers competed for a beautiful house on the west side of Toronto. As a result, one buyer offered more than 660000 more than the others and took the house down in one fell swoop.

The property is located at 190 Grenview Blvd. S., bid $2.238 million, and finally closed at $2.905 million, because one buyer’s bid was so high that it was a full $667000 higher than the owner’s bid, scaring all the other buyers away.

According to another report by Daily Hive, a recent report by Engel & V ö lkers, a property company based in Hamburg, Germany, said that because houses in the GTA area are often sold at prices higher than the asking price of $200000 to $500000, the average house price in the region exceeded $1.1 million in May, up 28.4% from a year earlier and the highest in a single month in the region’s history.

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