Universal City 3 Condos . There is no charge for offer with a 100000 increase

Universal City 3 Condos . There is no charge for offer with a 100000 increase. The crazy real estate market in this spring has been like yesterday’s yellow flower, and the market has begun to enter a relatively cooling-off period. But there are still some sellers with unrealistic illusions looking forward to a better price, thus missing the opportunity.Please Visit: Universal City 3 Condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

In the first week of August, a home seller in Hamilton received an offer that was 100000 yuan higher than the asking price. However, the seller rejected the buyer in the hope of a higher bid, and real estate agent Rob Golfi tried in vain to persuade the seller, but the house has not yet been sold.

‘it may take a few weeks for many sellers to realize that they missed a good offer and regret being overconfident in the offer they rejected, making it difficult for sellers to understand that the market is in an adjustment phase, ‘Mr. Rob Golfi said.

To be sure, the Canadian real estate market remains strong, with average house prices rising 25.9 per cent year-on-year to just over 679000 yuan in June, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). In the same month, however, the buying spree, which hit an all-time high between January and March this year, has clearly dissipated, with average prices down 5.5 per cent from their spring peak of 716828 yuan in June, while the number of transactions has fallen even more, down more than 20 per cent since March.

Rob Golfi said that sellers’ expectations were affected by the situation in the past few months. Many homeowners refused to accept the guidance of their brokers and listened to their friends and family instead. When they saw their neighbors selling a good price in March and April, they would say,’I want that price, too. I want more than that price, because my house is better than that.

‘The sellers don’t know that those deals were closed months ago, ‘Mr. Rob Golfi said. And that was when the market was at its craziest.

David Schooley, a real estate agent at Kitchener and a board member of the Ontario Real Estate Board, points to another reason: sellers may reject a good offer. That’s greed. He said I hate using the word greed, but the truth is that many reasons often boil down to this word in the end. Buyers paid some ridiculous prices in the spring, as people did in 2017, raising prices for offer for fear of missing out on current sellers. In Schooley’s view, as market prices continue to stabilize, sellers will also begin to adjust their expectations.

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