UC Tower Condos . Tenants occupy vacant housing, set up food banks

UC Tower Condos . Tenants occupy vacant housing, set up food banks. A group of tenants in Toronto’s Parkdale neighborhood occupied a vacant apartment building to run a food bank.Please Visit: UC Tower Condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Paterson Hodgson, which organizes the food bank, says its organisation needs more space for the food bank because it provides services to more than 50 families every two weeks.

Hodgson says the group has been running a West Lodge tenant food bank in the West Lodge apartment in the Parkdale community since November. At first, it only used space outside the lobby, but because of increased demand, more space was needed to meet it, he said.

He said that in view of the increase in the number of people served by the food bank, more space was needed, and if apartment owners could not provide space for the food bank, the organization would have to take up space in the apartment.

Hodgson said that the West Lodge apartment currently has more than 200 vacant units, the management company Hazelview Properties did not respond to the organization’s request, and the owners were not allowed to exercise eviction orders during the outbreak.

A spokesman for Hazelview said that he fully supported the tenants in running the food bank, but could not tolerate the occupation of vacant houses.

The spokesman said that Hazelview had launched a rent reduction programme and had provided 800 packs of fresh food to needy tenants of West Lodge, and new tenants would soon move into vacant housing.

Tenants of West Lodge apartments have been organising food banks since April, hoping to enable tenants to pay rent; the group estimates that at least 25 per cent of tenants have paid their rent a month late.

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