Cross town Condos . The Emerald City marks a milestone with a complete community

Cross town Condos . The Emerald City marks a milestone with a complete community. ELAD, Canada celebrates the sale of the entire Emerald City community in North York.Please Visit: Cross town Condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

This is a redevelopment of the Parkway Forest community, injecting new life into the area. The long-term reconstruction has created 3000 apartments in nine towers, specializing in the construction of 300 rental houses, as well as the 50000-square-foot Parkway Forest Community Centre and 5000 square feet of water centres serving the regeneration area.

TTC opened the Don Mills station on the Sheppard subway line in 2002, which unleashed the value of Don Mills and Sheppard’s 32-acre land and revitalized it, thereby increasing the density of the community. Almost two decades later, the last tower at the southern end of the site is nearing completion, and residents will be welcomed later this year. The recent sale of the remaining suites in Emerald City marks the completion of ELAD’s development tour at the Parkway Forest site. These towers are distributed in three blocks, including the complete Emerald City 1, the Emerald City 2, the Dream Tower, the colors of the Emerald City, the Park Club and the fifth park. The last three buildings nearing completion are points, hilltops and glowing.

“achieving a complete sell-out in our flagship master planning community, Emerald City, is an exciting achievement,” read Rafael Razer (Rafael Lazer), CEO of ELAD Canada. “as we embarked on this journey, we were encouraged by the amazing potential we saw in North York. We worked closely with Congressman Carol (Carroll) and members of the local community to develop a vision for the next chapter of the Parkway Forest Community. It is a very gratifying moment to see that the streets are lively and vibrant and that people like the communities we expect. “

Nine towers, townhouses and middle buildings all share a design language that creates cohesion throughout the community. Aesthetics is integrated with the early rental buildings of the Parkway Forest community, mixing light yellow bricks into the initial building of the complex, and then transitioning to a wider finish as the community moves from north to south.

“We have designed 16 buildings, from the townhouse block to the high-rise apartments on the site, all of which are master planned and connected to vibrant open spaces through pedestrian walkways. This brings us great joy, and residents and community members can easily browse the street landscape. “they can enjoy outdoor public and retail places, and their houses are bright, natural light and broad horizons,” said Len Abelman, director of, WZMH Architects.

Although most of the community is designed by WZMH, the LEED-certified Parkway Forest Community Center is designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects. Opened in 2015 in partnership with the city of Toronto, the facility offers a wide range of amenities to the Emerald City and the wider surrounding community, including a fitness centre with a large gym, a runway, a dance studio, a rooftop garden, a day care run by the YMCA and a water sports centre with an outdoor swimming pool.

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