Buy condo scarborough . The life and eating places of Scarborough

Buy condo scarborough . The life and eating places of Scarborough. There is a lot of money in Scarborough real estate. People always hope to find houses at Crescent Hill on the coast, St. Andrews near Thompson Park, and rouge or guilds.

They are also expensive. But, WE Realty’s Odeen Eccleston,RE / MAX Hallmark Realty’s Meray Mansour and food writer Suresh Doss take us into communities that are still relatively affordable (for Toronto) and full of hope and flavor.

Community: according to Mansour (Mansour), the Scarborough Bluffs area, located between Shanghai Bund and Clifside, has undergone a rapid transformation in the past few years. The bungalow was demolished and turned into a suburban-style two-story building. Trendy townhouses and apartments, cafes, bakeries and “clumsy” new businesses have sprung up along the way in Kingston (Kingston) to replace old storefronts. The area is popular with young professionals who want to send their children to nearby schools while enjoying a convenient park in (Bluffs).

Food: many old-fashioned diners and fish and chips along the coast of Kingston are disappearing, but the food of the soul is coming. Art Of BBQ Smokehouse (2478 (Kingston) paired with some Grenadine spices for Carolina style barbecue service. “the pig buttocks there are great,” Doss said. He also points out that the new Amma takeout and catering service (516 Danfoss Road) is a good place for Tamil snacks, rice and curry for those who don’t want to trek deep into Scarborough. At the same time, Anna Roddy House (2367 Kingston) serves as a “Toronto-specific roast meat”. Doss said the restaurant from Gandhi Indian cuisine chef John Xavier (John Xavier) serves Vendalu (Vindaloo) and Madras (Madras masala). “in the square, you can go to the next Afghan grocery store to buy mangoes, or buy some ginger powder when you go out. There’s a scene. “

Community: Weeknd’s former residence is Toronto’s most beautiful park space and coveted real estate: the intersection of rouge and guilds. But the region itself has been plagued by bad rap. “people don’t want to be there,” Ecclestone said. “now all of a sudden, they’re like, ‘wait a minute, these places are big.'” Xishan has many bakeries and two-story suburban houses, but there are also large custom buildings that combine rustic and farmhouse styles as well as ultra-modern dwellings.

Food: Xishan (West Hill) is a cultural explosion where you can taste hot Filipino food on Kapit Bahay (4218 Lawrence East) and a mixture of Nigerian beef and suya beef on Suya Spot (269 Morningside). And, once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, you can sit cross-legged on the Afghan Kabob Restaurant carpet and enjoy traditional Afghan cuisine (4379 Kingston). Dawes (Doss) lives on rice at (Suya Spot), a takeaway restaurant where co-owners of Ghana and Nigeria have blended ethnic styles to find a solution to a centuries-old dispute over which country owns the dish. At the Afghan Barbecue Restaurant, Doss advises you to settle for an Afghan Mantu dish and sprinkle a lot of yogurt over the dumplings so that cool, hot and spicy taste buds emanate from your mouth.

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