Toronto condo top producer. The epidemic changes the apartment of the future

Toronto condo top producer. The epidemic changes the apartment of the future. After the outbreak, the future apartment design will focus on Zoom conference rooms, balconies and contactless technology facilities.

When Adele Rankin envisioned a future apartment, she saw people exercising on balconies, booking “Zoom rooms” and using shared office space in buildings.

More outdoor space, areas suitable for working from home, contactless technology and additional elevators will play an important role in post-pandemic apartment design, according to the managing director of Beverh Architects’s Vancouver studio and other real estate developers.

“We all discovered the importance of a house during the [epidemic], but many of us can’t afford bigger houses or personal space dedicated to work, especially if there are two people working from home,” Rankin said. ”

These new needs will lead to changes in apartment functions and amenities, she says.

Jared Menkes, vice president of the high-rise residential business at property developer Menkes Developments, said that while there had been a long-standing demand for outdoor facilities, the epidemic had increased interest in outdoor space among apartment residents.

“they want a balcony, even if they just want to put the bike there,” he said. ”

Rankin also said that people did not think much about the balcony in the past, but now they ask whether the balcony is big enough to be used as an outdoor rest space or dining space.

Architects are still considering whether they should set aside space on the balcony to hang yoga mats and store fitness equipment, she said.

But people don’t just think about balconies. Apartment owners also want mini dog parks and outdoor theatres, lounges and barbecue facilities.

This thinking is not entirely attributed to the epidemic. With apartment prices soaring over the past decade, many people are disappointed by the insufficient supply of housing, and developers are promoting super-standard gyms and party space.

Today, Vancouver has a building for BMW cars, Toronto apartments have climbing walls, pet cleaning stations, Rain Water and a meditation room (rain and meditation rooms), and rooftop gardens and badminton courts are available.

In addition, Rankin has heard that residents on the 25th floor have been waiting for half an hour to get to the elevator, so she hopes to add more elevators in her future plans.

The industry believes that the epidemic has increased the demand for these amenities, but also increased the confidence of developers to make these changes.

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