Condos for sale richmond hill . On the Henrico agenda are 500 apartment buildings in the Virginia House of Commons

Condos for sale richmond hill . On the Henrico agenda are 500 apartment buildings in the Virginia House of Commons. The director of Henrico held a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Public hearings included rezoning and a request for temporary permission to develop a 500-unit apartment to replace the former JCPenney in the Virginia Central House of Commons. These apartments will add Rebkee Co. And Shamin Hotels’s larger development of the VCC site, which bought the seven-acre department store for $3 million in January.

RJM Land LLC seeks approval for a subdivision of a 30-acre detached house on the north side of Mountain Road, west of Woodman Road. HHHunt seeks to increase the number of apartments in its “double pecan Corner” development from 90 to 105. HundredAcre Woods Inc. Seek approval for a 33-acre zero-plot residential development near Wyndham Forest at the 33-acre terminal.

Richmond City Council meets on Monday and meets informally at 4 p.m. Business activities include an introduction to the city’s annual road-paving plan and private meetings related to the evaluation process of the city’s casinos.

The city said Friday that its resort casino evaluation team is in the negotiation stage of the process, with the aim of recommending recommended operators, locations and negotiation conditions by the end of this month. The most up-to-date information table on the remaining two recommendations can be found here.

The agenda of the Council’s regular session at 6 p.m. Included requests for rezoning of the Caravati warehouse property in Manchester and ground parking lots Oliver Hill Way 300,400 in Shockoe Bottom. The planning committee supported the two proposals last week, seeking the Bmer4 central business district and the TOD-1 bus-oriented node district respectively.

Also at the planning committee meeting last week, (Max Holdings LLC), a Max holding company, asked to rezoning half an acre of land to 711 Dawn Street (Dawn St.), to build a five-story mixed-use building, with 52-story apartments located above 7000 square feet of commercial floor space.

The agenda also includes a decree declaring a surplus and directing the sale of 15 packs of city-owned real estate to the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust Fund (Maggie Walker Community Land Trust), which runs the Richmond Land Bank. The packages will be sold at $1 per piece and separated from the 36 packages designated as non-profit organizations in the city’s recently approved real estate disposal plan.

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