Condo news toronto . VCU’s distribution center leased at Henrico is sold for $8.075 million.

Condo news toronto . VCU’s distribution center leased at Henrico is sold for $8.075 million.

The VCU Health was sold at the 3008 Mechanicsville Turnpike distribution center in eastern Henrico County for $8.075 million.

VCU Health uses the building as its supply chain logistics headquarters and serves as the main distribution facility for the health system of its regional healthcare operations.

Rules for balancing the market = supply for four to six months. It used to be a rule of thumb, but now it has been eliminated by technologies that speed up the process of selling homes.

The time for homes to wait for the process on the market has been shortened, so the inventory of homes for sale has decreased on any given day, as shown in the chart above, as a result of a decline in home sales over the past 12 years, but two months of supply is still very tight.

After a normal seasonal decline in the second half of the year, the median price of all existing homes rose 17.2 per cent from a year earlier to $329100, up nearly 50 per cent from March five years ago. For single-family homes, the median price rose 18.4 per cent year-on-year to $334500.

The vacant second homes that people left when they moved to new places are now being used as highly leveraged investment vehicles to drive house prices to soar and earn a handsome return on equity.

No housing market can cope with the perversion of vacant houses, which can generate capital gains simply by sitting there as a leveraged investment vehicle.

But these vacant houses are part of the shadow inventory. When homeowners decide it’s time to start making a profit, they push their homes to market, moving from shadow inventory to inventory for sale. But because these houses are vacant and the owners live elsewhere and do not need to buy other houses, it increases inventory without increasing the demand of sellers (who already live in houses and do not need to buy other houses). This will be contrary to what has already happened, and the impact will be the opposite.

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