Vincent condo vaughan . The luxury property market in Toronto is hot

Vincent condo vaughan . The luxury property market in Toronto is hot. Sales of low-interest-rate apartments surged.Please Visit: Vincent condo vaughan to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Canada’s real estate market has been hot, and the luxury industry is no exception. Sales of homes worth more than C $4 million in Toronto increased by more than 150% in the first two months of this year compared with 2020. Meanwhile, sales of homes in all price ranges rose 52% over the same period, according to the Toronto area Real Estate Board. One hundred percent.

Apartment sales in Canada’s largest city continue to grow this year, according to Benjamin Tarr, deputy chief economist at, CIBC Capital Markets. (Benjamin Tal) believes this trend will continue. Buyers take advantage of low interest rates and apartments because they are more affordable real estate options than low-rise detached houses, he said. Tarr (Tal) said in an interview with Bloomberg market (Bloomberg Markets) that what he finds most interesting is that nearly 40% of apartment investors have negative cash flow, but this is not a concern for most people, because they expect to make a profit in the long-term investment market, which makes sense for Tal (Tal). “if you think Toronto can’t afford it now, please be patient,” Tarr said. ” “Toronto is becoming like Berlin, like London, like Manhattan. It becomes more and more unbearable, so we know that our children will struggle. “

The federal government’s vaccination program is in trouble. Canadian health officials are suspending AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for people under the age of 55 because of concerns about a possible link between injections and rare blood clots. The move comes at a time when a new round of virus development in the country is accelerating. Canada’s most populous province is at a tipping point, with the number of new infections per day the same as at the peak of the second wave, according to a new briefing from the Ontario Science Advisory Table. At the same time, British Columbia has re-imposed new restrictions on indoor dining in restaurants, worship and fitness services.

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