724 Sheppard West

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Townhouse in Toronto

724 Sheppard West, Toronto, ON

Introducing you to 724 Sheppard West, an exclusive set of 22 townhouses located in the historical Dublin Heights neighborhood of North York. Embrace the convenience and elegance of condo living while relishing in the seclusion and excellence of a detached family residence. This prime location situates you in the lively center of downtown North York, yet provides a tranquil retreat beneath the shade of mature neighborhood trees.

724 Sheppard West represents a novel townhome enclave developed by Allegra Homes, positioned at 724 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto. This residential community reached its finalization in the year 2013 and encompasses a total of 22 individual units. The available unit sizes initiate at 543 square feet.


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Situated at 724 Sheppard Ave W in Toronto, this address places you in the heart of a dynamic and vibrant neighborhood. The surroundings offer a unique blend of urban convenience and local charm. Sheppard Ave W embodies the city’s diversity, hosting a range of restaurants, shops, and cultural hubs that reflect the multicultural fabric of Toronto. The streets bustle with activity, yet a sense of community remains strong. Residents of 724 Sheppard Ave W can enjoy the best of both worlds – a bustling urban atmosphere paired with a tight-knit community spirit that creates a truly inviting and enriching living experience.

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The location of 724 Sheppard Ave W ensures that transportation options are plentiful and accessible. For those who rely on public transit, nearby bus routes provide easy connections to different parts of the city. Additionally, Sheppard-Yonge subway station, a stone’s throw away, serves as a key hub for rapid transit, allowing for seamless travel across Toronto. Motorists also benefit from convenient access to major roadways, facilitating efficient commuting by car. This address caters to various modes of transportation, making it effortless to explore the city’s offerings while maintaining a high degree of connectivity.


Located at 724 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, the neighborhood offers a spectrum of educational opportunities. For young scholars, institutions like Sheppard Public School and Willowdale Middle School foster holistic development, while Northview Heights Secondary School caters to older students. 

Nearby, York University stands as a beacon of higher education, providing diverse academic programs and research options. This area’s commitment to learning is further highlighted by the presence of the North York Central Library, enriching the educational journey for all residents.

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Allegra Homes


For many years, award-winning Allegra Homes has had an effect on the Greater Toronto Area. Their history dates back over 40 years when they began as a family business, but they did not start by building houses. Today, this well-known developer has built multiple townhouses, condominiums, luxury residences, and—as they like to say—all sorts of stuff throughout the city, and they want to continue making a difference in the lives of its residents.

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