8 Elm on Yonge

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High-rise condo in Toronto

8 Elm Street, Toronto, ON

The James Fleming Buildings, historic buildings that are being utilized as office space, are presently occupying this new condo development.

Toronto’s 8 Elm On Yonge is a new mixed-use, high-rise condominium complex. This 67-story pre-construction project by Capital Developments is situated at 8 Elm Street in Downtown Toronto, just steps from the bustling Yonge-Dundas Square. This ambitious proposal’s condo building location is located on the north side of Elm Street, just west of Yonge Street.

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Highlights of 8 Elm

Floor Plans

Neighborhood of 8 Elm

8 Elm On Yonge condominiums will be located in Downtown Toronto. This region has had a steady rise in residential expansion over the last several years, making it an attractive business centre. Approximately 200,000 people are employed in this district, which is home to a number of financial and business offices as well as luxury restaurants and pubs.

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Transportation of 8 Elm

Thanks to Toronto’s world-class public transportation system, hopping from one location to the next will be as simple as pie. Within minutes, you may access major metro stations and bus stops if you live here. The Dundas West subway station and the Jame station are within a 10-minute drive. Additionally, Toronto Pearson International Airport is less than twenty minutes away.

Education of 8 Elm

The website is wonderful since it has everything a student or learner would want. Students of various ages, from kindergarteners to recent college graduates, may easily discover a local educational institution. Car access is available to both York University and the University of Toronto Mississauga. Multiple tutoring centers provide academic and extracurricular help.

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Outdoor of 8 Elm

As demands expand, a growing number of people choose to live in areas where they can walk or use public transportation to work. Due to the neighborhood’s large concentration of workers, condos are being built. The Eaton Centre, one of Toronto’s most popular retail facilities, is within walking distance of Dundas Square. In addition to restaurants and retail space, Dundas Square is a popular location for festivals, live music performances, and other annual events.

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Amenities of 8 Elm

The concept for 8 Elm On Yonge proposes keeping the outside of the original building and transforming it into a three-story retail platform. The skyscraper will be 64 storeys tall and have a more modern appearance. The tower of the new Downtown mixed-use high-rise condominium will be thin and coated in glass, with balconies extending from the north and south sides to form a wave-like pattern.

On the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and 45th levels, there will be 7,814 square feet of amenity space. This section on the fourth floor will link to two 600-square-foot outdoor amenity areas on the north and south sides of the building. The 45th-floor facilities will link to a spectacular outdoor terrace of 877 square feet. The balcony will have breathtaking city views. The primary entry will be accessible from Elm Street, where pedestrians will be protected by an attractive overhang. This development does not have any parking spots, however 469 bicycle lockers are included.

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Developer of 8 Elm

Capital Developments was created in 2008 by Todd Cowan and Jordan Dermer as a premier home builder. Through Capital Developments and their former firm, TriGranit, Todd and Jordan have produced approximately 12 million square feet of commercial and residential space.

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