i-ZONE Relaunch

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Low-rise condo in Toronto

326 Carlaw Avenue, Toronto, ON

Atria Developments introduced i-Zone in 2002, and 13 years later they intend to reintroduce it with an exclusive relaunch.

Atria Development is pleased to announce the construction of the i-Zone Relaunch project in early 2015. They reopened 9 units ranging from 850 to 2400 square feet in the historic Work Live Lofts i-Zone building, and we anticipate that they will be available to the public by early spring of 2015. These newly constructed units offer polished concrete floors, exposed wood, and brick accents. They put in brand-new kitchens with high-end appliances, skylights, and rooftop patios in the middle of Leslieville.

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Floor Plan


Toronto’s i-Zone Relaunch is located at 326 Carlaw Avenue. It is a vibrant, active, and dynamic community with so much more to offer. It is located near other well regarded restaurants, including Alo and SARA. It is also in close proximity to numerous intriguing and unique shops, such as the popular CF Toronto Eaton Centre. It is a trendy and enlightening location overall.

Toronto Subway


The community has an adequate transportation network. Residents are within walking distance of multiple bus stop stations, while the Union railway station is a 7-minute drive away. Additionally, drivers will notice that the Gardiner Expressway is nearby and will help them reach their goal.


In addition to its attractiveness to families and students, the area’s abundance of schools is another factor in its desirability. Near the property are a number of public and private schools, such as Ogden Junior Public School, City School, and Future Design School.



In addition, the town is close to an abundance of excellent parks and recreation facilities, including Grange Park, Alexandra Park, and Stanley Park, for families that like outdoor activities. All of them feature beautiful green spaces and playgrounds for children and adults.

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A considerable proportion of the community’s most fascinating businesses and individuals reside on Atria’s property. Numerous creative types and production businesses, including photographers, costume designers, theatre and film prop designers, and production companies, may be found in the neighborhood. In addition to the well-known Canadian fashion designer Wayne Clark, other tenants at Atria include Hello Vélo, a company that specializes in cycling, bicycle repairs, and training, Design Junkies, a company that specializes in graphic design and graphic print, and Fortis Fitness, a brand-new, 24-hour fitness center.

i-Zone Relaunch interior2
i-Zone Relaunch interior3

Leslieville is a community where residents live, play, and shop within the same neighborhood; everything one might desire or need is within walking distance. This neighborhood is kept together by its remarkable walkability and its fascinating residents. Convenience is literally right outside your door, and it can be found anywhere from banks and bakeries to dentist offices and grocery stores.

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Over the last 35 years, Atria Development Corporation has renovated residential, commercial, and industrial properties across the Greater Toronto Area, especially in the eastern downtown core of Toronto. One of their goals is to convert abandoned buildings into inexpensive studio lofts for artists, photographers, and film industry professionals. They have an illustrious history of rehabilitating abandoned buildings and locales.

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