Simcoe Landing Phase 2

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Single Family Home and Townhome in East Gwillimbury

1 Robert Wilson Crescent, East Gwillimbury, ON

Despite the fact that the houses in Simcoe Landing are gorgeous, we believe that the neighborhood’s location in Brown Hill is its most appealing aspect. At Simcoe Landing, schools, commercial centers, and recreational services abound. There are libraries, museums, and theaters in close proximity to one another. In addition to its woods and parks, Keswick is home to many wildlife preserves.

Simcoe Landing in Georgina, Ontario, which is now under development, will have townhomes and single-family homes. Aspen Ridge Homes is now engaged in the development of the property, which is still in its earliest phases. The house stands out due to the neighborhood’s amenities, making it an excellent option for everyone.

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Simcoe Landing is a family-friendly community. The area’s inhabitants are outgoing and welcoming. There are stores, restaurants, cafes, schools, and parks in the area. Every product and service used by houses on a daily basis is also readily accessible.



Residents of Simcoe Landing have convenient access to Highway 404, which links them to the Greater Toronto Area and the city of Toronto. There are straightforward connections to other important roadways in central Ontario, including the 407, 401, and Highway 7. From Highway 404 to the Don Valley Parkway, residents may reach downtown Toronto in less than fifty minutes.


In addition to schools, libraries, parks, and the world-famous Stephen Leacock Performing Arts Theatre, Georgina offers a range of family-friendly attractions and conveniences. There is an outstanding institution for all major academic disciplines and student demographics. Overall, children will like what is provided here.

School Canada
High Park Toronto


It is surrounded by picturesque and fascinating locations. Sutton Parkette, North Gwillimbury Park, and Brighton Beach are all present. Georgina is close to the towns of Keswick and Sutton, which have a variety of shops, restaurants, and other services, as well as the surrounding countryside.

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Clay brick residences at Simcoe Landing have been upgraded with siding, wood, and masonry that are more historically accurate for the time period. It is imperative that all family neighborhoods have balconies, gabled roofs, and inviting front porches similar to those seen in Simcoe Landing. Only then can residents be able to live in close proximity to one another on the streets. At Simcoe Landing, you may choose from a wide variety of interior amenities and finishes, like round windows, gas fireplaces, beautiful wood columns, high-quality kitchen cabinets, and amazing domed dining rooms, to name just a few.

Simcoe Landing interior
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Tradition, experience, and dedication are what make Aspen Ridge Homes resilient. Aspen Ridge Homes has the knowledge and expertise to understand the needs of today’s homeowners as a result of its history of constructing exemplary neighborhoods. With more than twenty-five years of family expertise, the Aspen Ridge Homes team is descended from a long line of renowned builders and developers whose ethos emphasizes excellence, workmanship, quality, and care. Aspen Ridge Houses seeks to exceed customers’ expectations on a daily basis through an uncompromising commitment to the design, construction, and value of the homes they produce, as well as through technical advancements and conventional customer care. Aspen Ridge Homes constructs enduring communities of dreams time and time again.

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