Studio 2

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High-Rise Condo in Toronto

191 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Many would-be homeowners are drawn to Aspen Ridge Homes‘ second entertainment area property, the Studio on Richmond, because of its popularity. The Studio Condos at 30 Nelson Street blend into the bustling Queen West neighborhood while staying unique as a freestanding edifice, like any good sequel should.

The Studio Condos, which were finished in 2017, were built by BDP Architects with an eye toward the Entertainment District’s industrial legacy as well as its bright future. The glass-clad stacked cubes that adorn the modern style of the tower’s 41-story height reflect the ambitions of 30 Nelson’s architects and developers for this groundbreaking new structure.


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30 Nelson is located in the heart of the Entertainment District on the corner of Richmond Street and Adelaide Street West. There are numerous restaurants, cafés, pubs, and fine dining establishments in the area, many of which cater to hungry patrons who have just left one of the area’s various cultural or performance institutions.

504 King TTC


Because of the plethora of cultural attractions in the area, residents have easy access to the rest of the city. 

The 501 Queen Streetcar, which runs east and west across the city and has stops on Queen Street West and McCaul Street nearby, making it easy to go about.


Independent galleries may be found in the Entertainment District’s many side streets, but locals should make a point of visiting 401 Richmond, which is located in the district’s center. 

A five-minute walk away, this magnificent antique brick edifice shows schoolchildren’s artwork.

University of Toronto

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Tradition, experience, and dedication are what make Aspen Ridge Homes resilient. Aspen Ridge Homes has the knowledge and expertise to understand the needs of today’s homeowners as a result of its history of constructing exemplary neighborhoods. With more than twenty-five years of family expertise, the Aspen Ridge Homes team is descended from a long line of renowned builders and developers whose ethos emphasizes excellence, workmanship, quality, and care. Aspen Ridge Houses seeks to exceed customers’ expectations on a daily basis through an uncompromising commitment to the design, construction, and value of the homes they produce, as well as through technical advancements and conventional customer care. Aspen Ridge Homes constructs enduring communities of dreams time and time again.

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