Sunview Suites

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High-Rise Condo in Waterloo

258 Sunview Street, Waterloo, ON

A fantastic new opportunity for potential investors and homebuyers is just around the corner. These rooms are among the most technologically sophisticated residences in the Greater Toronto Area.

Sunview Suites by Prica Global Enterprises are in Waterloo, which is a prosperous location and one of the fastest-growing areas in Canada. In addition to its illustrious colleges, it offers a plethora of career prospects, especially for young professionals in the technology sector. Without a doubt, these properties will become the most desirable in the western regions of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Sunview Suites The high rise apartments of By Prica Global Enterprises are situated in the heart of Waterloo, close to all of Waterloo’s outdoor attractions. There is an abundance of open space nearby, in addition to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for residents.

Highway 401 from Wellington Road in London


This neighborhood also has excellent public transit. Grand River Transit is the only public transportation system serving the Tri-Cities (named about the river the three cities share). The GRT’s buses may carry people inside cities as well as between cities. Waterloo to Cambridge may be reached without changing trains.


Because Waterloo has a long history as a university town, this growth is all the more alluring. Wilfrid Laurier University is a 10-minute walk away, while the University of Waterloo is a 12-minute walk away from these apartments.

University of Waterloo
Gore Park


Waterloo is a key economic contributor in Southern Ontario, and not simply because of the schools in the area. In ten of the previous eleven years, the local economy has expanded at a higher rate than the province. This is partly owing to the fact that Google, Microsoft, and Shopify have chosen Kitchener-Waterloo as their office site. In this metropolis, there is little doubt that colleges and jobs go hand in hand.

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The innovative style of the 13-story Sunview Suites building is certain to make it a landmark in the area. It boasts big floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow for well lit study spaces!

Sunview Suites interior2
Sunview Suites interior

There are a mix of one- and two-bedroom flats, making it ideal for either a young professional living alone or a student seeking a roommate. Each apartment also has a spacious dining area. This may also be an ideal location for your desk and workstation. This developer places a high priority on sustainability, which is why they are installing the latest energy saving technologies. Each suite is outfitted with contemporary furniture, including dual-flush toilets, double-paned windows, Energy Star-qualified appliances, LED lighting, and individual hydro meters.

Prica Global Enterprises logo


Their integrated team provides services to a variety of various businesses of their parent firm, Prica Global Enterprises, including construction, architecture and design, and property management. Residential property development and management are at the center of their business, which has a strong connection to the community. Their integrated approach is the harmony which brings their divides together.

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