Reddit joining the Downtown Toronto Office Trend

     This week, popular social news and discussion website announced that they would be opening their first office in Canada in Toronto, Ontario. Reddit has an active userbase of 52 million daily users with Canada being the third largest in number of users. The exact location of the office has yet to be disclosed. The positions for hire will range in plenty of areas including engineering, community engagement positions and sales and marketing. More details regarding the hiring’s will be announced in the coming weeks. The company has stated keen interest in working with Canadian brands to better establish themselves in the market. This office opening shows their dedication to a long-time investment into Canada and engage with their Canadian users.


     With this news, Reddit joins in on the big tech company recruitment in downtown Toronto matching those of Twitter, Tik Tok and Pinterest that also recently announced their own hiring’s. Toronto has been an employment hotspot that is continually growing with more big tech choosing it as their headquarters. Reddit plans on working with many Canadian brand’s and marketers ensuring many potential job opportunities there as well. This is a great sign for condo and homeowners in the downtown Toronto area. Employment opportunities is always something that is one the top of the list for desirable home location traits. The more alluring its location, the higher the value will be on the property.  Toronto is already one of the top real estate markets in Canada and is not showing any major signs of slowing down. This trend will likely continue with many more companies expanding into Toronto

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