Revery Architecture

Revery Architecture is an award-winning, Vancouver-based, and internationally recognized architecture, interior design, and planning practice. They are renowned for providing innovative and unique customized solutions for our global clients.

Revery is led by Design Principal Venelin Kokalov, the firm’s long-time creative lead. Venelin is widely recognized for his bold architectural statements and his audacious and provocative designs envisioned through his personal artistic philosophy, extraordinary creative vision, and intuition. Under his leadership, Revery continues to deliver elegant, functional, and sophisticated buildings that engage, inspire, and become catalysts for positive change and growth within the communities.

Recent projects

Tzu Chi Foundation

This project is about building atmosphere. With this humanist approach, the focus is moved from the building to the people, from the object to the subject, changing the viewpoint from designing architectural object to designing atmosphere.

The timeless design of the proposed new Tzu Chi Foundation is born from the gesture of embracing this space and creating a ‘void’. This gesture takes the shape of two building masses coming together enveloping a central conical void at the heart of the building.

1684 Alberni

Alberni’s elegant and distinctive design is inspired by the stunning beauty of flowing forms and ever-changing spaces, reminiscent of rivers and canyons sculpted by nature.

A continuous architectural spine ascends the middle of each of the building’s façades in a weave or ‘exoskeleton’ that takes its cues from structures found in nature; simple and graceful elements which, when repeated and woven together, reveal a complex system that is functional, alluring, and dynamic.

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