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Sharon Village

A single family home and townhouses at East Gwillimbury

People generally think of Aurora, Newmarket, or Bradford when they think of living north of the city. They don’t frequently consider Sharon, a tiny town north of Newmarket. With easy access to the freeway and lots of room to develop, this neighborhood is undoubtedly poised to boom over the next decade.

Greenpark Group is pleased to announce the launching of the beautiful Sharon Village. Sharon Village, located at Leslie and Mt. Albert, is at the center of this neighborhood. Living in Sharon Village, a smaller community that cherishes its cultural origins, means being closer to nature. These homes were meticulously built and intelligently planned to accommodate a busy lifestyle. Every home has been planned and built to the highest industry standards. Greenpark is delighted to employ its 50 years of experience and expertise in the construction of the home you will be proud to call home.

Greenpark extends its warmest greetings to you in your new Sharon Village residence. Sharon Village is a neighborhood designed for families that want to enjoy a suburban lifestyle or for people who want to move away from the hectic atmosphere of a metropolis.



Sharon Village, located in East Gwillimbury, has historical landmarks, gorgeous farms, magnificent parks, and great paths for bicycling, hiking, strolling, or simply enjoying nature. There are several stores, restaurants, golf courses, entertainment places, and schools in the neighborhood. Newmarket, with direct access to the 404 and the East Gwillimbury Go Stations, is only minutes away, making it easy to commute to and from Sharon.

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Sharon Village, surrounded by acres of greenspace, nature walks, and conservation areas, is a family-oriented neighborhood that combines the benefits of large city life with the beauty of a small town.


Sharon Village does not have access to major roads. It’s instead a two-minute drive from the 404/Green Lane exit. The journey to the 400 should take you around 15 to 20 minutes. As a result, the community is ideal for anybody working along the 404 corridor and doable for those taking the 400.

If you take the GO Train south to work, the easiest choice is to head west on Green Lane to the East Gwillimbury GO station, which is only a few minutes away. They are also proposing to develop an extensive transit system into Sharon Village, making it easier for individuals who utilize public transportation to move around and into Newmarket for shopping and pleasure.

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Another reason this place is desirable, mainly to parents and kids, is the abundance of schools in the vicinity. The property is close to numerous public and private institutions, including Sharon Public School, Huron Heights Secondary School, and St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Elementary School.

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Ridge View Park, French Park, and Peggy’s Wood Park, as well as a large green path system surrounding the towns, will be available to Sharon Village residents. Despite the fact that just 44 percent of the neighborhood is residential, they have utilized the area to give wide open green views.

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Greenpark Group‘s Sharon Village, located at 6 Jennifer Crescent in East Gwillimbury, is a new townhouse and single-family home development. Sharon Village has 26 homes in all. The dimensions range from 1437 to 3180 square feet.

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This neighborhood will provide many benefits to homeowners while remaining loyal to the East Gwillimbury vibe. The community planners intended to keep Sharon’s small-town character while doubling its size.


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Greenpark Group has been successfully developing real estate properties since 1967. They are a diverse group of professionals, having built townhomes, single-family homes and high-rise condominium buildings. The culmination of their experience and expertise has led them to become one of Canada’s largest home builders, with over 55,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Sharon Village

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