Shift Architecture

Led by Cameron Halkier, Shift Architecture is a high-performance practice with a 20-year history of designing respected, inspired projects in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We are known for our collaborative design process that leverages deep knowledge, big ideas, and smart  creative instinct. Collectively, we forge solutions that are practical, precedent-setting, and aesthetically exceptional—regardless of scale, scope, or complexity.

Our passion is in creating exemplary projects that enhance the vibrancy of neighbourhoods and foster connections among people and their environments. Our portfolio contains a breadth of residential, commercial, healthcare, and mixed-use developments, each of which has made a lasting contribution of enduring beauty and functionality to the evolving urban landscape.

We know our sweet spot is sparking the collective energy of a small, engaged, and agile team. We are powered by creative and technical intellect, are expert in interpreting client goals into architectural solutions, and have a proven track record of design elegance and efficiency in projects ranging from townhomes to towers.

At Shift, it is not enough for us to be proud of our projects. We want everyone to share in the pride and be uplifted by our work—our clients whose vision we realize, the people who live and work in our spaces, and the community in which our buildings live.