SRN Architects

SRN Architects was established in 2007 through the melding of the creative energies of Rob Nicolucci and architect, Vincent Santamaura. Their extensive background in residential architecture, heritage building techniques and community planning has prepared them to challenge the existing industry standards. Their creation of a mid-sized, design-oriented architectural firm was established with the intent to provide comprehensive design services for the built environment, with a key focus on mixed-use residential buildings.

Recent projects

Winlock Towns
This 3-storey residential condominium in Toronto successfully blends modern architecture with townhouse living. The stand-alone block consists of 24 suites with appropriately scaled balconies and rooftop terraces. The design concept introduces a robust urban landscape that facilitates social interaction, creating a liveable and mindful space for residents. Primarily clad in stone and masonry, the rich textures reinforce a sense of solidarity and permanence. A strong horizontal street presence creates the notion of urban infill and stimulates community interaction through its accessibility and pedestrian-friendly design.

Spallacci Homes
The 6-storey, mixed-use condominium is an urban refuge of stylish boutique condo living nestled in the heart of Hamilton’s thriving Locke Street village. This vibrant structure introduces the area to modern architecture while paying homage to the historical tradition of art deco design. Featuring exclusive site-level commercial shops, the building delivers a rich tapestry of urban activity within the community. The rooftop terrace offers luxurious amenities wrapped in sophisticated style, with unprecedented views of the city and the neighboring escarpment. Designed to introduce modern, opulent living to one of Hamilton’s trendiest locations

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