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Station Park

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High-rise condo in Kitchener

An all-encompassing community with striking architectural features and gorgeous natural space, Station Park is soon to grace a popular Kitchener neighbourhood.

Station Park is an upcoming condo community by Zehr Group of Companies and VanMar Developments, well-known real estate firms developing different kinds of the residential project including condos, townhomes, single-family homes for decades.

The high-rise structure of Station Park has been meticulously designed with the aim of building for the future while preserving heritage. The project is currently under construction.

The development is located at 641 King Street West in Kitchener, an area at the periphery of downtown with amenities all around.

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The development is thoughtfully situated in Kitchener‘s KV Hospital neighbourhood. The region is located on the outskirts of downtown Kitchener, and homeowners have access to a variety of fantastic amenities, making it an excellent choice for establishing a home and raising a family.

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Residents of the neighbourhood have access to a very handy transportation system. People can choose to travel by personal automobile or by public transportation. Bus stations would be located at regular intervals for the residents.

For residents who prefer to travel by train, Kitchener GO is roughly a 4-minute drive away.

Major highways like Highway 8, Conestoga Parkway, and Highway 7 would be welcome additions to the area’s transportation network.


Kids and parents in the neighbourhood will be ecstatic to learn that there are a number of excellent schools and universities in the vicinity, many of which are within walking distance, allowing students to avoid long trips.

Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo are both about 9 minutes apart.

King Edward Public School, Westmount Public School, and Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School are among the best schools in the area.

Station Park-education
Station Park-outdoor


Residents in the area are surrounded by a variety of outdoor places that provide a great setting for a family outing or a solo outing. North Park’s Walter St. is only a short distance away.

The Westmount Golf and Country Club is 9 minutes distant, while Stanley Park Conservation Area is 8 minutes away.

Victoria Park, Mary Allen Park, Alexandra Park, George Lippert Park, Glen Acres Park, Lakeside Park, Brewmeister Green Park, and Hillside Park are some of the additional outdoor areas.

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Station Park is a new condominium being developed by the Zehr Group of Companies and VanMar Developments in one of Kitchener’s most desirable neighbourhoods. There are a variety of floor plans to choose from.

Station Park residents have access to a variety of fun amenities that make living easier and more enjoyable.

Cabana Area, Arcade, Courtyard, Dining Area, Storage Lockers, Bike Storage Area, Ice Rink, Spa, Dog Wash Area, Swimming Pool, Amphitheatre, Bowling Alley, Fitness Studio, Dog Park, BBQ Area, Jam Room will all be included in the project.

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VanMar Developments is a developer that has been constructing buildings throughout Ontario and British Columbia since 1972. They have designed and developed many types of buildings throughout Canada and the US, which include everything from town homes, single family homes and midrise developments to upscale apartment buildings, luxury hotels and high-rise condominiums.

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