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Westport condos . The proportion of owners under 35 years old in Toronto is more than 10%

Westport condos . The proportion of owners under 35 years old in Toronto is more than 10%. According to Statistics Canada, the proportion of 35-year-old homeowners in Toronto has reached 11.5%, and the proportion in the outer suburbs is even higher.Please Visit: Westport condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

The latest data from the Canadian Housing Statistics Program show that young people have to face a lot of obstacles if they want to buy a home in Toronto.

Statistics Bureau figures show that citizens under 35 years of age have the smallest proportion of homeowners, with Nova Scotia (9.4%) and Ontario (11.4%).

As for Toronto’s census, 11.5% of people under the age of 35 are owners, while cities far from downtown Toronto have a higher proportion of young owners, such as New Tecumseth, which is more than 50km from downtown Toronto. The proportion of young owners is 18.4% and 17.3%.

In addition, the data show that many middle-income people in Ontario and British Columbia own a number of properties. the average annual income of these people is $65000 in 2019, of which the average annual income of men is $75000 and that of women is $55000; the median age of people who own multiple properties is 55.

In contrast, owners of only one property in Ontario have an average annual income of 50, 000 yuan (60, 000 yuan for men and 45000 yuan for women), with a median age of 53 years.

As for Toronto, owners of multiple properties have a median age of 55 and an average income of 70,000 yuan (80,000 yuan for men, 60,000 yuan for women, and 48.1 percent for men).

Interestingly, the annual income of owners of one property in Toronto is roughly the same as that of owners of one property in Ontario.

Westport condos . The drawings of the new twin towers of Yonge and Eglinton were unveiled in an all-round way

Westport condos . The drawings of the new twin towers of Yonge and Eglinton were unveiled in an all-round way. Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties unveiled the entire design and development plan of untitled, which is a new project jointly developed by the two major developers and Pharrell Williams.Please Visit: Westport condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

After the press conference of the untitled project team, the design drawings of the midtown project were also fully unveiled.

The design of the project has undergone many refinements, and it is the result of the cooperation of Reserve and Westdale, together with the architects of Williams, IBI Group and the designers of U31, to realize the vision of the project.

“the decision to work with Pharrell stems from the idea that we all want to present a unique development project for future residents, the city and the construction industry as a whole. We believe that the introduction of a visionary cultural icon from outside the real estate sector will enable us to break the traditional shackles of Toronto in multi-family residential development projects. ” Sheldon Fenton, Reserve Properties’s chief executive, said at a news conference this morning.

A set of general principles developed by the project team in cooperation with Pharrell has become the axis of the entire design process. These principles include a thorough understanding of how people feel about being in different places before designing different places, paying attention to designs that are both aesthetically enlightening and practical, and the feeling of integrating natural elements throughout the building.

The twin-tower residential development will provide 751 luxury residential units, ranging from open-plan units to three-bedroom units, as well as 32000 square feet of recreational space.

Untitled’s architectural style is inspired by the cultural background of Mansoor Kazerouni, the chief architect of IBI Group. Kazerouni introduced the concept of Indian classical music performance jugalbandi, which is characterized by the joint interpretation of complex duets by two soloists. The word jugalbandi means “twins intertwined”, and for Kazerouni, it lets him know how his work can blend in with the melodies of Pharrell’s songs. He used parametric design, followed the sound rhythm of the Pharrell hit “Gust of Wind”, created a flowing and cloud-like balcony, and abstracted the vision of music clearly in the form of architecture.

The interior space is designed at the helm of U31’s Kelly Cray, which aims to explain the common concepts of public areas, recreational facilities and household units. The goal of the design is not to impose a style of life on the residents, but to incarnate each individual space into a living environment experienced by the user. Cray uses different combinations of plants, water, light and various forms to explore the interaction between nature, essentialism and Japanese minimalism.

The floor and walls of the lobby are made of dark charcoal stone, which is flawless. The layered water curtain design extends from the concierge lobby to the reception area, adding a dynamic experience. The waterscape to welcome the residents home is designed to awaken the energy and vigor in your heart from the moment you step into the building, and this experience is memorable.

A large number of recreational facilities cover the first floor of the building and extend to the upper floor, including a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a shared office garden rooftop, screening room, dynamic fitness center, children’s playroom, recreation room, social sitting room, and a private restaurant; the restaurant has a sake tasting area extending to the outdoor terrace.

Westport condos . Global house prices soared by 7.3%, panic buying started, and the real estate bubble came again?

Westport condos . Global house prices soared by 7.3%, panic buying started, and the real estate bubble came again? In the first quarter of this year, of the 57 countries and regions that have released housing statistics, nominal house prices rose in 50 countries, while prices fell in only 7 countries.Please Visit: Westport condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Knight Frank’s global house price index also shows that average global house prices rose 7.3 per cent in the 12 months to March 2021, the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of 2006. Among them, the United States rose 13.2%, the biggest increase since December 2005. Australia rose 10.6%, while Sydney posted the biggest increase in the past 33 years.

Reuters analysis believes that the monetary easing policy of various countries is the main driving force of the rise in the real estate market.

Since 2020, central banks around the world have launched an unprecedented wave of monetary easing, with interest rates falling to record lows in many countries. Interest rate cuts directly lead to a decline in home loan interest rates, reduce the cost of home buyers, and stimulate purchase demand.

The rise in prices coincides with the dwindling supply of housing. “New homes everywhere will be sold out soon,” said Fairwade (Daryl Fairweather), chief economist of real estate website Redfin. “if you are a little slow, you will miss it.”

Rebecca and Dan are newlyweds living in the United States. They planned to buy a house of their own in early 2021, but they have not been able to do so since January.

The couple have seen 40 houses, but each one is highly competitive. Rebecca said each seller received offers from at least 10 buyers, all of which were sold at a higher price than the original price in just a few days.

“can you imagine? You finally saw the house you wanted and offered a price, but two days later it was taken away by someone else at a higher price, “Rebecca said.” it’s so frustrating. “

For example, Rebecca’s favorite independent cabin north of Seattle, the seller offered $985000 (about 6.29 million yuan), the final transaction for $1.303 million (about 8.33 million yuan), a price increase of 32.3%, like this more than 30% price increase, it is everywhere in the current American housing market.

Home prices are rising in almost all states, with median home sales prices in dozens of metropolitan areas rising by double digits compared with a year ago, according to Zillow, a listed real estate valuation company.

It’s not just America that is hot. On June 2nd, Juwai IQI Group, Asia’s largest real estate technology company, released the Global House Price report for the first quarter of 2021. The report shows that the global housing market was booming in the first quarter of this year, with house prices soaring in the United States, Canada, Europe and parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

The report argues that house prices have risen to “an alarming degree” and that “the degree of prosperity is completely unprecedented”.

Turkey has seen the highest growth in house prices in the past 12 months, at 32 per cent, as a result of the sharp depreciation of the lira, according to Knight Frank’s global house price index. New Zealand, which was closely followed, rose 22.1 per cent, while the US ranked fifth with an increase of 13.2 per cent. In Asia, Singapore had the biggest house price increase of 6.1 per cent, followed by South Korea, which rose 5.8 per cent, and Japan, which rose 5.7 per cent.

Westport condos . The Canadian property market is too hot

Westport condos . The Canadian property market is too hot. Some people can’t help revealing the truth. At a time when the Canadian real estate market is booming, the background of several Canadian real estate tycoons has been fully exposed.Please Visit: Westport condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Reveal how these mysterious tycoons got rich. In doing so, the right-wing media of the Conservative Party seem to have lost their mind and took over the old man’s “hatred.”

Netizen TH16 said:

“there are no Chinese, Hong Kong (people) or ‘ethnic groups’ on this list? Looks like a bunch of old white men. “

Weedie reply:

“Why do you focus on ethnic minorities who buy one or two apartments, rather than apartment developers who have made hundreds of millions of dollars?”

Indeed, Canada’s skyrocketing house prices, which accompanied the COVID-19 epidemic in the last year, have been unable to connect with foreign buyers, both in theory and in practice. Canadians are a little rational and ask themselves that the pot of “unaffordable house prices” can never be put on the heads of overseas (rich) buyers (Chinese).

But with house prices so high, as a country that is brewing to give the whole people a basic income and social welfare, which is more socialist than socialism (especially BC province), in any case, the media are trying to dig up the “culprit” who pushed up house prices. Are those secret real estate tycoons who have made a lot of money making too much money?.

As early as February and March this year, Daily Hive’s political columnist Rob Shaw said that “the provincial capital of BC could not do anything to cool the hot real estate market” when the battle for houses in Dawen was raging, because without overseas buyers, they could not suddenly drop an overseas buyer tax to “wake up” crazy buyers, as they did in 2016.

It is precisely because of this that the focus of the media has finally returned to the normal track of talking about things on a case-by-case basis, discussing whether macroeconomic policies that have caused changes in the real estate market are responsible, and discussing how the wealth of the Canadian property market has been accumulated. Dig deep into the real estate tycoons who have been relatively “low-key” for a long time.

The Globe and Mail’s stereotyped portrait of these real estate tycoons is “they hang out with movie stars.” They have some of the top art collections in the country. Their donation is rebuilding the hospital. They are real estate tycoons, but you may never have heard of them.

Canada’s real estate boom of the past 40 years has created dozens of real estate billionaires, most of whom are descendants of immigrants, but those who appear in public can be counted with one hand. The Globe and Mail exposed eight of them this time.

Michael Audain, 83, is keen on art collection and has spent $30 million to build a West Bank art museum. Audain is so popular in the industry that even his competitors, such as developer Onni Group, have donated millions of yuan to his gallery.

Westport condos.Launch of Westport apartment

Westport condos.Launch of Westport apartment.Located about six kilometers south of Plaza one south of (Mississauga) ‘s fast-growing high-rise city center, Port Credit has always been the main pedestrian street and seaside amusement park in the city west of Toronto.Please Visit: Westport condos to Get Your VVIP Registration Today!

Edenshaw Developments Limited has retail lines and pedestrian precincts in front of the car-based trunk line in the new area of Soka, Mi Lin, which has become the site of Westport Condos designed by IBI Group, which is a 22-story apartment designed by IBI Group and is the location of Port Credit. Will rise at the intersection of Park and Ann Street. It is a short walk from the intersection to the Port Credit GO station and the MiWay transportation system, which quickly connects downtown Toronto to Mississippa.

The building is divided into three different parts: a brick-decorated podium connects the building to its surroundings, and a pair of towers above have broad glass windows and clear simple lines. Throughout the development process, 360 apartments are planned to be arranged in various sizes and layouts.

Residents can use not only a large number of local facilities at Port Credit, but also on-site facilities appointed by interior designer Cecconi Simone. As marketing materials continue to roll out, more details about these spaces are expected to be released.

Make it a very family-friendly place to live. Located just minutes from the local skating rink, public library and waterfront parks and trails, this Westport Condos hotel is an ideal place for family vacations. The building also provides a children’s playroom and a pet spa, as well as a closed outdoor kennel for furry family members.

And a lot of great restaurants and shops. The pedestrian Lakeshoe (Lakeshore) area is full of cafes, restaurants, breweries and boutiques, just like you would like to find in a big city. We particularly like ArchtopCaf é, which sells freshly brewed espresso and new and used vinyl, as well as a place called Shaman Sisters, which sells ethical crystals and gems.