Teeple Architects

Teeple Architects is recognized for executing technically advanced projects of exceptional quality that are conceptually and practically rooted in the specific needs and aspirations of each client. They are committed to responding creatively and effectively to each program, site, context and budget.

Their technical expertise for far-reaching, with a deep knowledge of industry construction standards and a thorough awareness of the most current building technologies. Particular emphasis on energy-efficient design and durable buildings.

Also, they are leader in sustainable architectural practices into all of their projects. They are inspired to find innovative and appropriate solutions for each new project. Their innovative technologies are such as passive cooling and lighting, complex energy modelling, geothermal energy, water efficiency, adaptive reuse and sustainable landscape design.

Recent projects

Bianca Condos
Bianca is a nine-storey boutique mid-rise condominium that makes a statement. The building features a contemporary, all-white facade and large striking terraces that provide sweeping views of the neighbourhood. An artificial hillside is created from angling the south side of the building facing Dupont Street.

Queen-Coxwell Revitalization
The Queen-Coxwell revitalization is a redevelopment of Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC)’s existing Don Summerville Apartments at Queen St. and Coxwell Ave. The revitalization will create quality affordable and market housing within a new mixed-use, mixed-income community. The new development will replace the existing 120 TCHC units and increase the total number of residential units to 770.

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