Terra Firma Homes

Terra Firma Homes has been in business since 1996, but its history extends far beyond that. Partners and co-owners Roberto Salmena and Sam Grasso grew up in the Bloor West neighbourhood in Toronto, and even in their youth they dreamt of being the stewards of the community’s future. The life long friends have turned their collective vision into reality.

They’ve been able to realize their vision by adhering to their business values that dictate their building practices. These values have resulted in exceptional developments that have a lot to offer.

Ever since their youth, Roberto and Sam have been passionate about the revitalization of their neighbourhood in Bloor West. They envisioned a vertically built community that would also be a major arts and culture hub in the GTA. This vision is what had Roberto and Sam join forces and create Terra Firma Homes. Their development company has the singular goal of being the Greater Bloor West Village’s builder of choice, and their knowledge and respect for the community is going a long way towards accomplishing just that.

Despite their aspiration of propelling the neighbourhood into the future, they also respect its history, and they strive to preserve the community’s storied past. One example is their Park Lofts Church Conversion project. They acquired an old Baptist church that was built in 1888. Instead of demolishing the old building, they chose to convert it into eight townhomes, while keeping its facade. They wanted to retain the Old World look of the church, while giving residents an exciting and historic place to live. This is the heart of what Roberto and Sam strive to accomplish – guiding their treasured Bloor West Village towards the future, while celebrating its past.