The Brown Group of Companies

With a reputation for quality work and decades of experience, The Brown Group of Companies is highly respected throughout the City for its contributions in the Real Estate field. Since the early 1950s, The Brown Group of Companies has been actively involved in the acquisition, development, construction and management of real estate.

In addition to owning and managing a portfolio of approximately 2500 residential units and 500,000 square feet of industrial and commercial space, The Brown Group of Companies has a long history in Land Development. For over 65 years, The Brown Group has fine-tuned the art of developing master planned communities. Their team of dedicated professional planners and engineers provide a complete range of services to address the needs and challenges of each stage of the land development process. The array of talent and decades of experience that the Company has in the land development business, allows them to realize the needs of investors, builders, new homebuyers and community. The Brown Group of Companies has a long history of purchasing large tracts of raw land and creating fully integrated communities. Over the years, the Company has transformed thousands of acres of land into some of the most desirable residential communities. Furthermore, it has brought enduring value to each development.

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