Toronto Condo VVIP Agents – What does it mean?

What Is the Meaning Of Platinum Access? 

Platinum Access? Platinum Agents?, what it implies and what would it be able to accomplish for you with regards to purchasing pre-development townhouses. We as a whole know in Real Estate it’s everything about “area, area, area” with pre-development condominiums is about “Area, Price per sqft. and Access”. The better access you have the more cash you spare and at last make. 

Very much we should initially comprehend why there are Platinum Agents and what the Platinum VIP Market is. Typically Developers need to offer 70 to 85% of all units before getting development financing from the Banks, which implies the Developer is offering the Purchaser a limited cost so as to pick up the vital level of deals required for development financing. So rather than the Developer investing thousands on promoting and energy, trusting that the open will come into the Sales Center to buy a unit, they depend on Platinum Agents to offer 30 to half of all units months before the Public Opening. Some of the time considerably more. Every Developer and condominium venture is extraordinary, yet most Developers RELY on the Platinum VIP Market. There are various stages to the Platinum VIP Market, lets see. 

The principal stage is to the “Platinum Brokers”, around 10-15 specialists who are usually known as the “Force Brokers” that work with a heft of the purchasers. They have the best relationship with the Developer or the business group, commonly have 10-20 customers and sell more than 10-20 units in a venture. Platinum Brokers get particular treatment as far as motivating forces, least costs ensured and suite choice for their customers as a result of their predictable deals. Platinum Agents have an immense information on the business, experienced in the pre-development showcase and are very much aware of all the new apartment suite ventures in the territory. Platinum Agents work the pre-development advertise only and have inside information for future undertakings months ahead of time and set up their customers properly. 

At the “Platinum Broker Stage” you have first access to stock, best pick at unit levels, best perspectives, floor plans, most minimal costs ensured, motivating forces and advancements from the Developer and Platinum Agents. This is the ideal open door at the VIP Price. 

Basic Incentives and models during the “Platinum Broker Phase” are: 

Platinum Access and Pricing 

Motivating forces and Promotions 

Broadened Deposit 

FREE Assignment Clause 

Top on Development Levies 

FREE Rental Services for the First Year of Ownership 

At this stage more often than not there is no business place. At this stage is the thing that we call “selling paper”. At the point when you purchase with a Platinum Agent, you’re not simply getting a Brochure, Price List and Floor Plans, but at the same time you’re getting important data that is required when contributing or purchasing another apartment suite. We give you reports and practically identical, on how one anticipate thinks about to different ventures in a similar region, how much the condominium will be acknowledging every year, how you can sell it before accepting belonging as an Assignment Sale, the amount you can sell it for once its finished and the amount you can rent it for and considerably more. 

The Second stage is the “celebrity Agents Sales Event” which is normally somewhere in the range of 100 to 200 operators that sell pre-development however are not committed to it and the majority of their business is resale. Right now for the most part costs have gone up by more than $10,000, motivators may not, at this point be accessible by the Developer and all the great units are as of now sold by the Platinum Agents. 

The Third stage is “All Agents” which just work the resale advertise and will sell the odd pre-development townhouse to a great extent. Which again costs have gone up and you are purchasing what’s left. 

At that point at long last Stage, which is the “Enlistment Phase and the Grand Public Opening”. Which generally at this stage the condominium venture is as of now sold by over half and costs have gone up once more. 

Clara Chan is one of only a handful barely any special Brokers to have assembled a relationship with all the TOP Developers and will have ensured cutting edge access to most condominium ventures. Our need is to give you True Platinum Access and VIP Experience. Enlisting with us affirms that we will add your contact subtleties to our VIP Condos database, keeping you educated as the data opens up. When the designer gives us subtleties, for example, floor plans, costs, store structure, deals handout and a unit allotment worksheet, these archives will be conveyed to you. To get first access and to be a Platinum VIP Buyer, register with us today. 

Platinum Access FAQs 

Is there charge for purchasing at the Platinum Stage with the Platinum Brokers? 

No expense by any means, the Developer pays all Agents including the Sales Center Agents. Our administrations are in every case free for Buyers and notwithstanding our master counsel we are likewise offering our Exclusive Platinum VIP Broker Incentives. 

How would I register for a Platinum Broker Sales Event for a venture I’m intrigued and future tasks? 

Basically get in touch with us or round out the structure beneath and disclose to us which undertaking or zone you’re keen on. 

What occurs after I enroll and how would I get informed of the Platinum Broker Sales Event? 

You will get an email affirmation from us affirming that we will add your contact subtleties to our VIP Condos database, keeping you educated as the data opens up. When the Developer gives us subtleties, for example, floor plans, costs, store structure, deals handout, impetuses, advancements and a unit allotment worksheet, these reports will be conveyed to you. 

I’m keen on buying a unit. What’s straightaway? 

Save promptly, as units portion are on an originally come, first serve premise with worksheets being submitted on a cutoff time set by the Developer. Studios, 1 bdrms and 1 + 1 bdrms determinations get held decently fast. When you get the data bundle we recommend to investigate the floor plans, select your units and round out the Worksheet with your main decision, alongside 2 different decisions in the event that for reinforcement. Worksheets should be finished for accommodation to the Developer so as to hold a choice of your decision. No check or cash is vital now as you’re just holding a unit. You may email the Worksheet back to us 

When your unit determination is affirmed and held, you will be reached by us to plan an arrangement to come into the Sales Center Office to consent to the Arrangement of Purchase and Sale with the Developer. As of now you will be required to carry alongside you a Photo ID (Driver’s License), SIN Card (required by the Developer for store intrigue) and a check book (least 6 watches that will be post dated when marking). Checks are payable to the engineer’s attorney, “in trust”. 

What occurs after I consent to the Purchase of Arrangement and Sale with the Developer? 

When the agreement has been marked with the Developer, you have 10 days called the “10 Days Cooling Off Period” to get your Mortgage Pre-endorsement letter, have your Lawyer survey the agreement and on the off chance that you adjust your perspective during the 10 days out of the blue you reserve the option to drop the agreement without any inquiries posed, take care of no punishments and your store checks (post dated) are returned back to you. After the 10 days, the agreement is firm and you just put resources into yourself “another townhouse” with the Platinum Access. 

In the event that you might want to get data on Platinum VIP Sales Events for all up and coming pre-development condominium extends please round out the structure underneath, we can just carry restricted clients into the Platinum VIP Sales Event, so pre-register now for need get to: 

We just gather individual data important to viably market and sell the property of venders, to survey, find and qualify properties for purchasers and to in any case offer proficient types of assistance to customers and clients. I/We don’t sell, exchange, move, lease or trade your own data with anybody.

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