Toronto VVIP CONDO Real Estate Agents, what are they

Understanding Platinum VIP 

When another apartment suite task’s business community makes its ways for people in general, the structure can be as much as 90% sold as of now. How does this occur? Apartment suite designers in Toronto for the most part follow a straightforward stunned advertising recipe for selling their structures and it goes this way: 

1) Friends and Family deals occasion (5-10% of units get sold) 

2) Platinum VIP specialists get to (30-40% get sold) 

3) VIP specialists get to (20-30% get sold) 

4) All specialists get to (10-20% get sold) 

5) Pre-registrants get to (5-10% get sold) 

6) Grand Opening to general society (last 10-20% gets sold) 

With each progression along this continuum, determination of units goes down and costs will in general go up (the more sweltering the venture, the more the costs can go up) 

It may be as much as a half year between the principal loved ones occasion to the stupendous opening to the general population. 

Platinum VIP specialists are the primary gathering of individuals to gain admittance to the structure outside of the designer’s own loved ones. 

The Platinum operators by and large sell the biggest lump of the structure. 

There are generally just around 20-30 platinum specialists in some random venture. These are for the most part specialists who have sold the most units for the designer in the past at their past ventures. They are remunerated with first access and best costs for their customers. 

Regularly every platinum operator is given a particular “distribution” of units in the structure (for instance, 1 or 2 stories of the structure) for which they have elite rights to offer to their customers for a constrained timeframe (2-3 weeks). 

Platinum VIP Realtors are generally operators who practice solely in pre-development apartment suite speculations and they sell an a lot higher volume of condominium units that 99% of every other Realtor in the GTA. 

Out of near 40,000 Realtors as of now in the GTA, I would appraise that just around 100-200 specialists could really be viewed as obvious Platinum VIP level operators. What I mean by that will be that around 100-200 specialists are on at any rate at least 2 designer’s Platinum VIP operator list. 

How Developers View Platinum VIP Realtors 

Since the Platinum VIP Realtors for the most part sell the biggest level of the structure, they are clearly critical to the apartment suite designer. 

Townhouse designers need to keep their platinum VIP specialists VERY glad and roused to constantly sell their apartment suites a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Therefore they give their Platinum VIP operators the best costs and the best motivators alongside the most punctual access the task. 

As a townhouse venture travels through the amazed advertising process delineated above, at times engineers will really broaden the evaluating and impetuses that Platinum specialists appreciate. So you could stroll in to a business place with a VIP specialist and purchase an apartment suite for $300,000, and the person close to you may be purchasing something very similar for $295,000 and perhaps he shows signs of improvement store structure as well. 

Since there is a continuous connection between the designer and their Platinum VIP operators, there is a trust factor that implies that specific advantages 

How Developers View All Other Realtors 

The most ideal approach to summarize how engineer’s view every single other Realtor is by ripping off a great statement from Animal Farm: “All Realtors are equivalent, however some are more equivalent than others”. 

Truly, they can and will sell in pretty much every condominium assembling however they won’t appreciate the advantages and the advantages that the Platinum specialists do. 

Consider it, in the event that you have the decision of working with somebody you have worked with for quite a long time, somebody who has gotten you results previously, somebody you realize you can trust, OR working with a fresh out of the box new individual who you have never met yet is promising you the world, who might you go with? 

Okay rather manage a little gathering of operators who sell a ton of units each, or  many specialists who sell 1 unit each? 


On the off chance that you are a purchaser of a pre-development townhouse, it just bodes well that in any venture you ever purchase in, you need to work with a platinum VIP real estate agent for that venture. They will get you the best evaluating, the best unit determination, and they will get you access to the structure the soonest before any other individual. 

Past that, it additionally implies that you as a purchaser, 

  • Hear about new activities first before they are promoted 
  • Hear about advancements or deals occasions first, before they are publicized 
  • Never need to hold up in any line-ups to purchase an apartment suite in another undertaking 
  • Can frequently hold a particular unit in front of every other purchaser just by finishing a worksheet 
  • Get to work with a master, somebody who has sold many condominiums and who is a specialist in their field. (would you truly like to make a pre-development condominium venture with your father’s companion who sells houses in Hamilton?) 


Try not to confide in any operator who discloses to you they have Platinum VIP access to all the apartment suite structures in Toronto. This is a falsehood. 

There isn’t some general rundown of Platinum VIP specialists in Toronto. It is diverse for each condominium venture, BUT there is a great deal of cover when you get down to the best 10 or 20 apartment suite designers. So risks are that in the event that your Realtor has Platinum access for top designer #1, at that point they presumably have platinum access to top engineers 2, 3, 4. 

So how would you know whether your operator has Platinum VIP access to another apartment suite building? Simply ask them. On the off chance that you don’t confide in your Realtor to respond to this essential inquiry, wonder why are you working with this individual??

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