Tour des Canadiens 3 (Quebec)

Tour des Canadiens 3 (Quebec)

A high-rise condo at Montreal

Tour des Canadiens 3 is the latest addition in the Tour des Canadiens project by Canderel and it surpasses all expectations. The location, the amenities, and the view all collaborate to make Tour des Canadiens 3 the most sought-after residential area in downtown Montreal.

The massive tower of grandeur is 60 floors tall and has been erected with decades of expertise and experience of Canderel as well as the IBI group of architects. Tour des Canadiens stand as a shining example of new and innovative urban living.



Located near the cultural heart of downtown Montreal, Tour des Canadiens is at a neighbourhood that offers a high standard of living. The transportation facilities are excellent. Running errands is easy. There are many nice restaurants and bars nearby. The outdoor options are not very limited and provide a great sense of tranquility and calm.


While living at Tour des Canadiens 3, you have the privilege to choose the mode of transportation you would like for yourself. Bikes, buses, and trains all are available well within reach.

The Biki bike sharing station is just a few steps away from your door. For electric vehicle owners, the ChargePoint charging station is quite close. Lucien L’Allier is just a 4-minutes’ walk away.

Tour des Canadiens 3- transportation


The students residing in Tour des Canadiens 3 really got lucky as they are very close to a lot of good schools and universities. Given the public transport can easily commute to their universities even if they do not own a vehicle.

Tour des Canadiens 3- education

Some of the best universities nearby are Global University Advisors, Concordia University, McGill University Service Point, McGill University (Faculty of Science), and McGill University (Faculty of Law).


The Tour des Canadiens 3 condos are really a dream residence for young people as along with good universities, the area also has very beautiful outing options. Not only the young but all those who enjoy being outside in the sun and under the sky must checkout Jessie-Maxwell-Smith Park, Dorchester Square, Place de la Paix, Parc Saint Jean Park, Prospect St. Green Space, and Street Park.

Tour des Canadiens 3- outdoor


Canderel offers you suites that you will fall in love at first sight with contemporary kitchen designs incorporating shining kitchen countertops, European style cabinets and high-tech appliances. Bathrooms will make you feel the luxury that Tour des Canadiens 3 is.

Other impressive amenities include a stunning indoor pool, gym with latest fitness equipment, modern style sitting space, lovely terrace, and the astounding view is the bonus.


St Clair Village Condo_canderellogo

Canderel Residential is a prominent, award-winning Canadian home builder that has established itself as a fixed presence in six cities across the country. Canderel extends to the entire property, to a line up of amazing amenities and the design of the building itself, to small details in textures and materials and to urban conveniences in the surrounding community.

Tour des Canadiens 3 (Quebec)

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