Transit Oriented Communities coming to three Ontario Line Stations in downtown Toronto

     Infrastructure Ontario announced their proposals for transit-oriented communities near Exhibition Station, King-Bathurst Station and Queen Spadina Station in downtown Toronto for three properties. One will be located at 153 Dufferin, another near the North entrance at Atlantic Avenue and on 7 Fraser Avenue. The Transit Oriented Communities is a new government plan that plans on creating new, sustainable, and rapid transit by placing more housing options and job opportunities near these transit stations. The overall goal is to help increase overall transit users and help reduce traffic in major areas. They will be working closely with third-parties to ensure that transit is integrated into the development of new properties.

Render of Exhibition Station by Infrastructure Ontario

     This transit-oriented community near Exhibition Station will support 2,300 jobs, and allow the riders to connect with TTC and GO Transit options. One will be located at 153 Dufferin, another near the North entrance at Atlantic Avenue and on 7 Fraser Avenue.

Render of King-Bathurst by Infrastructure Ontario

     This next transit-oriented community will be located near King-Bathurst Station where it aims to serve the surrounding neighbourhood to connect them with local TTC streetcars. The proposal will add more housing options and office space while still aiming to retain the heritage buildings already in the area. Two sites have been announced at 663 King Street West in the Southeast and another at 668 King Street West on the Northeast.

Render of Queen-Spadina Station by Infrastructure Ontario

     Lastly the Queen-Spadina Station aims to add many more housing and retail spaces for residents and business owners alike. The two designated spots will be located at 165 Spadina Avenue on the Northeast, and 443 Queen Street West on the Southwest.

     These new properties in Toronto is great news as not only are these communities adding more residential areas downtown, they are also being paired with employment opportunities all nearby local transit. This is an ideal situation for many people as they would get the best of both worlds with these new communities.


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