Airports of Vancouver


British Columbia’s southwestern tip is home to Vancouver, Canada’s third-largest metropolitan area. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, the biggest urban area in Western Canada is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. Vancouver has received multiple accolades as the “greatest city to live in” and is the epicenter of delectable food, particularly Asian cuisine. This pleasant and cultural location is surrounded by magnificent landscapes that attract millions of tourists annually. Therefore, Vancouver has some of the most beautiful airports in Canada. Vancouver’s airports welcome passengers from across the globe with their gracious hospitality and exciting atmosphere.

Vancouver International Airport Aerial

Vancouver International Airport
Vancouver International Airport is the second-busiest airport in Canada and is well recognized as the trans-Pacific gateway. It is one of the world’s top ten airports, with frequent connections to Asia, Europe, the United States, Mexico, and other regions of Canada. It is one of the greatest international airports in Vancouver, Canada, and annually serves over 24 million passengers. It displays a vast collection of Pacific Northwest Coast Native art, including distinctive wooden sculptures and totem poles, and has a unique British Columbian motif.

Boundary Bay Airport Main Terminal

Boundary Bay Airport
Surrey is in close proximity to the Boundary Bay Airport, which is situated near Delta. This beautiful airport with two runways and an air traffic control tower is about the same distance from downtown Vancouver and the United States border crossing. Consistently regarded as one of Canada’s busiest airports, with more than 2 million landings and takeoffs every year. Boundary Bay Airport hosts a variety of general aviation activities, including flying schools and flying clubs. This airport’s Heritage Hangar is a massive wooden building with a bow-arched roof that evokes the era during which the Second World War was fought.

Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal

Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal
Vancouver Harbour Flight Center is the airport that gets the most business and leisure passengers because to its closeness to the downtown business district, the conference center, hotels and restaurants, and retail districts in Vancouver. It is one of the most creative airports in Vancouver, Canada, due to the fact that its facilities were created by aviation specialists and include a variety of unique concepts, such as ecologically friendly floating docks and glass elevators. Consequently, the airport is regarded as one of the most active in the city. This airport was recognized in 2013 for its hospitality-themed décor and is generally regarded as one of the best-designed float aircraft terminals.

Pitts Meadows Regional Airport
In the southwestern portion of Pitt Meadows, Canada, there is an airstrip designated for general aviation. Over 250,000 aircraft took off and landed at this airport every single year, making it the busiest in all of Canada in the early 1970s. Over one million aircraft take off and land at this airport every year, making it the seventeenth busiest airport in Canada overall. In addition, this airport is home to five schools that provide instruction in flying, and the length of its runway ranges from 4,700 to 5,000 feet. In addition, the Pitt Meadows Airport has a separate dock specifically for float planes.

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