Best Beaches in Canada


A trip to the beach in Canada entails more than ice cream, relaxing in the sun, and invigorating dips in the water. It may also feature a bear encounter, a windy stroll through driftwood, and the opportunity to throw a snowball instead of a stone into the waves. Depending on your location, the approaching tide may or may not demolish your sandcastles. Due to the fact that only six of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories have ice-free access to the open ocean, many of the country’s most sandy beaches are next to enormous freshwater lakes.

Prince Edward Island - Stanhope-by-the-Sea

San Josef Bay in BC
The northern region of Vancouver Island is known for its reputation for stormy weather and difficult access. Yet it is home to some of the most remote and isolated beaches in the province. After traveling along an unpaved logging road for 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Port Hardy, you will arrive at the beginning of the 1.6-mile (2.5-kilometer) route that leads to San Josef Bay. When the forest finally gives way, you’ll find yourself in a windswept area with crashing waves and wooded sea stacks where strong Pacific storms have twisted plants and trees. Once the forest finally gives way, you’ll end up on a sea stack that covered in trees. Bring a tent and some binoculars with you. You can set up a tent right on the soft sand beach, and the “bins” will help you learn to respect local animals like eagles and ospreys more.

Costa Artabra

Stanhope Beach in Prince Edward Island
A much lower number of people visit Stanhope Beach, which located on the north coast of Prince Edward Island, contrary to the beaches nearby. The boardwalk that travels through the park’s marram-grass dunes, which are a significant nesting location for the piping plover, is an excellent place to go for a stroll if you want to avoid noise. If you keep traveling to the west, you will eventually come upon the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, a white clapboard edifice that emanates the charming quaintness of Prince Edward Island. Dalvay by the Sea is an elegant hotel built in the Queen Anne revival style in the year 1895.

Wasaga Beach Ontario

Wasaga Beach in Ontario
It is possible that Canada does not promote its beaches to the same extent as its national parks or urban centers, yet the country may credibly claim that it has the longest freshwater beach in the world. Wasaga Beach is a stretch of fine sand that extends for 8.7 miles (14 kilometers) along the beaches of Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. It located in the same-named town in the Canadian province of Ontario. Because it is the full-fledged beach resort that located closest to Toronto, hundreds of people flock here every summer to experience the boisterous atmosphere that the lengthy strip is known for. In spite of this, the beach located inside a provincial park. It serviced by hiking paths, has access to park naturalists, and offers the chance to see owls and woodpeckers. The heavily trodden sand divided into six distinct areas. The most foot traffic is concentrated in areas one and two, while areas five and six are ideal for those who like to keep their distance from others. Almost all of them include water that is comfortable for swimming in, both shallow and warm.

Chesterman Beach

Chesterman Beach in British Columbia
Comparable to picking your chosen beach in Tofino, the surfing capital of Canada, is deciding on your preferred premium sports car. Each and every one is stunningly great. Even though most surveys rank Long Beach at the top of the list because it is well built and long. Many Tofitian (locals) believe Chesterman, a hotspot for surfers, to have the most concrete sand shard. In contrast to Long Beach, Chesterman is close enough to town to be reached by bicycle (with your surfboard linked to a bike rack), and the sand is firm enough to ride on if you want to exercise your legs before tackling the Pacific Ocean waves. As it bordered by rock pools, islets, and a little beach spit, it is beautiful both in the early morning mist and during the fiery orange-rippled sunset. Clearly, the waves are ideal for surfing.

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