Best Forests in Ontario


Lots of people love enjoying the outdoors, exploring nature and enjoying the lack of human contact, just like a therapy session but much better. If you are an outdoors person, check out this list of the best forests to visit in Ontario:

Dallington Park

Altberg Wetland Nature Reserve

The Altberg Wetland Reserve is a valley wetland that has a total area of 39 hectares and may be found in the south bay of Balsam Lake. It consists of gently rolling plains that are filled with uncommon species of flora and wildlife. Even though there aren’t any trails or boardwalks in the reserve, anybody who has even a passing interest in the natural world will feel quite at home there.

Bruce Alvar Nature Reserve

The Bruce Alvar Nature Reserve is a stunning wilderness area that is located to the north of Lion’s Head on the Bruce Peninsula. You may get there by taking the Bruce Peninsula Causeway. One of the most interesting rock gardens in the area is situated on 67 acres and is characterized by the presence of a variety of stunning plants, including Indian paintbrush, miniature lake iris, and purple-stemmed cliffbrake, amongst others. The reserve is accessible to the general public. However, visitors are advised to remain on the route that has been established through the region since the granite outcrops are fragile and easily destroyed.

The Forests Of Jefferson

Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve

The York Region Greening Strategy is responsible for the promotion of a large number of green places, including the Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve. Seeing as how the reserve is home to a diverse population of animals, you may anticipate coming across some incredible species as you go within it. During the month of July, big trees like beeches, maples, and hemlocks offer much-needed shade.

George G. Newton Nature Reserve

The property that is now the George G. Newton Nature Reserve was originally owned by Elizabeth G. Osbaldeston. She is a descendant of an early settler in Huron County. On this 32-acre property there is a brook that flows in a westerly direction and makes its way through overgrown woods and defunct agriculture. The picturesque regions of the property may be reached quickly and easily through a 1.2-kilometer circular walk.


Harold Mitchell Nature Reserve

One of the few mature hemlock forests of its sort that still exists may be found at the Harold Mitchell Nature Reserve on the shores of Lake Erie. A few examples of tree species that do particularly well there are the yellow birch, the American beech, the red and sugar maples, and the white ash. In addition, there are many species of birds to watch and unique plants to investigate, such as the Indian cucumber-root and the Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve

The huge Kinghurst Forest Nature Reserve, which spans 358 hectares, is protected thanks to its status as a nature reserve. Its notoriety might be attributed to the rare maple-beech woods that can be found there as well as the breathtaking spring wildflower displays. Due to the fact that Kinghurst is designated as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, researchers have the opportunity to “get a glimpse into the natural history of Ontario” (ANSI).

Lawson Nature Reserve

At Lawson Nature Reserve, meadows give way to wetlands, and then wetlands give way to meadows again. There are approximately two hundred distinct plant species in this area, including the rare Virginia bugleweed, which makes it an ideal destination for anybody who enjoys spending time outside.

Lost Bay Nature Reserve

The Lost Bay Nature Reserve is situated inside the Frontenac Axis, which is the most southern region of the Canadian Shield (which forms the Thousand Islands). Because of the reserve’s location so close to the Saint Lawrence River, it is home to a variety of rare and threatened species of wildlife, such as the eastern musk and the snapping turtle. Hiking, camping, and sightseeing are all fantastic things to do in this area.

Quarry Bay Nature Reserve

The Quarry Bay Nature Reserve spans 391 hectares and is home to a number of marshes and small lakes. On the shores of Lake Huron, you could come across enormous limestone formations and stunning plant species, such as the lakefront daisy and the fringed gentian.

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