Best Hiking Points in Calgary


Spring has sprung (largely; we’re still waiting for “second winter”) in Calgary, so it’s the ideal time to take a stroll in one of the city’s outdoor places. Calgary is home to a variety of beautiful parks, providing a plenty of opportunities to enjoy the spring outdoors. There’s bound to be a place in YYC that suits your walking style, whether you want to explore an urban park in the downtown area, stroll along the river, or travel into the forest to feel like you’ve fled the city.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park

With a total area of 13,48 square kilometres and more than 100 kilometres of paved and unpaved walkways, Fish Creek Provincial Park is the second biggest urban park in Canada. It is also the second largest park in the United States. A substantial chunk of the park has been conserved in its natural state, and you will encounter forested portions, river access, and wide open spaces. The vast park has urban touches like fire pits, picnic areas, an outdoor pool, as well as a restaurant and a café.

Grouse Mountain

Bowness Park and Baker Park

Bowness Park offers a variety of activities, including walking paths along the Bow River, a wading pool, a café, and boat rentals for paddling in the park’s lagoon. During the warmer months, a toy train traverses the park on a convoluted path. In addition to its position across the river from Bowness Park, Baker Park is home to a number of archways, promenades, a disc golf course, and a grass amphitheatre, all of which contribute to the park’s popularity as a wedding venue.


Ralph Klein Park and Environmental Education Centre

Rainfall in Ralph Klein Park is treated in a wetland that was developed particularly for the goal of enhancing its quality before it reaches the Bow River system. The park has a picnic space and a communal orchard with eight varieties of apple trees and five varieties of pear trees. The Environmental Education Centre provides a classroom, a conference room, a reference library, an art studio, and interpretive signs for anybody interested in learning more about the wetland’s ecology.

Sandy Beach and River Park

Along the Elbow River, Sandy Beach is a popular spot for having picnics, going for walks and sunbathing. When the weather becomes warmer, swimming and rafting are other popular activities here. Picnic areas, shelters, fire pits, and playground equipment may all be found at the park located in southwest Calgary. River Park is situated on a hill above Sandy Beach, and it has an off-leash dog park, gravel walking paths, and stunning views of the valley below and the city skyline.

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